Want That Note 7 Trade-in? Jump Through All These Hoops

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 8 last week, the company said that previous Galaxy Note 7 owners would benefit from a trade-in discount. But now that details have emerged on exactly how that discount will work, it's not nearly as nice as you might think.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Samsung last year released the Galaxy Note 7 to considerable fanfare. Before long, however, some users discovered that the smartphone was flawed and the Galaxy Note 7 would overheat. In some cases, it could even catch fire and burn up. Soon after, Samsung issued a recall and said the second run of devices would be safe. But again, flaws were discovered and Samsung ultimately discontinued the handset.

So, when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 8 last week, the company offered an olive branch to its former customers. Once they could verify they owned a Galaxy Note 7 and turned in their current cell phones, they could qualify for a discount up to $425 on the Galaxy Note 8.

Now, though, the details suggest the discount might be a bit harder to get than Samsung might have suggested. And in some cases, getting a $425 discount will be difficult.

According to CNET, which dug through the policy, Samsung's deal is available only on purchases made on Samsung.com. So if you're hoping to buy the smartphone at a carrier and get a deal, you'll be out of luck.

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Additionally, the offer is only good to those who buy the handset in the U.S., and it's only good through September 30, or 15 days after the smartphone goes on sale. If you're a little slow on the buy button, then, you're in trouble.

To prove you're a Galaxy Note 7 owner, you'll need to provide an original receipt, credit card bill, carrier bill, or contract or lease agreement. And as discussed, $425 is the maximum rebate you can get.

Ultimately, the trade-in value depends on the phone you have to trade in. A higher-end handset, for instance, will net you more cash. Also, it needs to be in good working condition, according to Samsung. Oh, and if you owe money on a lease for your handset, you'll need to pay that off before you can qualify for the Galaxy Note 8 discount.

Think that's all? Think again.

According to CNET, Samsung requires you to send back your old phone within 15 days of receiving your Galaxy Note 8 or you lose the trade-in value. You'll also need a Samsung account to do all this, and if you wanted to return your Galaxy Note 8 for your old phone, you're out of luck: Samsung will never let you have your trade-in back.

Oh, and if you're 18, don't even think of trying any of this.

So, there you go. If you're willing to jump through some serious hoops to get a Galaxy Note 8, go for it. But beware the road to the rebate will be fraught with pitfalls.

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