Fortnite Camera Locations: How to Solve the Season 4 Challenge

Fortnite’s fourth season is in full swing, but if you’re anything like me you’re still struggling to level up and get your money’s worth from that Battle Pass you splurged on. Thankfully, there are plenty of different ways to earn Battle Stars and reach the next tier — and plenty don’t even involve any combat at all.

Credit: Epic Games

(Image credit: Epic Games)

One fun way to level up in Fortnite season 4 is the “dance in front of different cameras challenge.” The concept is simple: track down seven movie cameras (there are at least 10 scattered across the map) and dance/emote in front of them. You don’t have to hit all seven in the same match, but you do have to finish out the match (by either winning or dying) for it to count.

The challenge kicked off in early May and it should last until the end of season 4 (sometime in July), so you still have plenty of time to find those cameras. In return you’ll get five Battle Stars, bringing that much closer to the next tier and some new cosmetics.

Ready to find those cameras? Here’s the location for 10 different spots so you can complete the challenge in no time.

Credit: Epic/Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Epic/Tom's Guide)

1. Our first camera is located in Risky Reels (a popular new spot introduced in season 4 in the top right corner of the map). Head to the warehouse in the northern part of the area and look for a green screen. Just be careful heading to Risky Reels —  it’s a popular area, so you may end up in a firefight.

2. Head towards the race track on the east coast of the map near Moisty Mire (it looks like a squiggly line from up in the air). On the left side of the track you’ll find a camera placed right next to a large raised platform.

3. Northwest of Moisty Mire, there’s a metal bridge running east to west. Head to the western side of the bridge and you’ll find another camera.

4. Drop into Moisty Mire and look for a stretch of track that makes a 90-degree turn next to a warehouse. There’s a camera sitting on the track right behind that warehouse.

5. Also in Moisty Mire, this camera is located right in the middle of a major film shoot. Look for a crashed helicopter in front of a giant green screen. The camera is right there.

6.  This camera is hidden in a house just west of Shifty Shaft. Look for a home with a basement. The camera is inside, pointed straight at a home office setup.

7. Head to the west coast of the map, just to to the left of Greasy Grove, and look for a giant dinosaur footprint (you should be able to see if from up in the air). The camera is right there.

8. This camera is located about halfway between Tilted Towers and Snobby Shores in a big sports complex. Look for an indoor soccer field. Once you find it, the camera is in plane sight pointed right at the field.

9. Head to Haunted Hills in the top right corner of the map and make your way into the big mansion by walking right through the front door. Up against the back wall you’ll find a camera pointed at the center of the room.

10. Finally, head towards the top of the map, just left of Junk Junction. You should see a small grouping of buildings not too far from the main area. Look inside the biggest warehouse of the bunch to find a small movie set with a camera.