Dekinnoka 7: Japan's Robot Pro-Wrestling Event

Last month, robotics experts from the Land of the Rising Sun held the Dekinnoka 7, a tournament that borrows heavily from a well-known bloodsport that doesn't involve so much death and dismemberment as it does elbow drops and power bombs. Yes, this tourney is all about professional wrestling. It even comes complete with a robo-referee!

The main event was a title fight for the Kanto Heavyweight Championship. Poultry-themed contender Leghorn faced off against the champion, Saaga. The champ quickly took down the robot chicken with a series of suplexes that scored Saaga a dominant decision victory. For its loss, Leghorn was deep-fried by its creators and served as a plate of buffalo wings.

The rest of the tournament centered on a series of matches called the Tenkaneji Budokai. Eight robots participated in one-on-one elimination fights, where they could score a win by knocking the other 'bot out of the ring. The winner then gets his opponent's Dragon Screw tokens. Obtaining all eight Dragon Screws lets the Budokai's winner summon the God of Screws, who would grant the winner one wish.

If that sounds like an unabashed ripoff of Dragonball's plot, that's because it most definitely is. The eventual Budokai champion, Waroo, even used its wish to resurrect the fallen Leghorn, in true Dragonball fashion. It should've just wished for Bulma's panties instead.

[source: Biped Robot News Japan and RoboTimes(JP)]