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This Asus Gadget Makes Three Monitors Look Like One

LAS VEGAS-- Multi-monitor setups are great for immersive gaming, but those pesky black bezels between each screen can make it hard to get fully engrossed. That’s were Asus’ new Bezel-Free Kit comes in.

The Bezel-Free Kit consists of a series of vertical lenses that use light refraction to give the illusion that your three monitors are all one big seamless screen. There’s no power source required — simply place them between your screens, and you’re good to go.

Asus showed off the Bezel-Free Kit at CES on a three-monitor setup with Project Cars running. While you could still see the seams a bit, Asus’ accessory did a nice job cleaning up what would have been a series of unsightly black lines.

The Bezel-Free Kit currently has no set cost or release date, but at the right price, it could end up being an invaluable add-on for multi-monitor gamers. We look forward to putting it though its paces in or favorite PC games once it eventually hits shelves.

Credit: Mike Andronico/Tom's Guide