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A Table Phone That's Surprisingly Contemporary

While we (sensibly) keep a landline for emergencies, today's phones are mostly mobile. But Bon-Seop, Ku wants to refresh the classic home phone with some contemporary functionality and aesthetics. The WIPI is smaller than a laptop, but definitely larger than a cell phone. Adorning the front are two touch-screen displays, a small video camera, and a numeric keypad, all resting elegantly on a stand full of seamless curves.

At the back are a USB port, and Ethernet jack, and a hole for the power cord to go into. This obviously paints the WIPI (emblazoned with the Samsung logo in concept renderings) as a VoIP/video communications device, with the potential of reading visual content from USB storage media. From all appearances, WIPI is designed to stay where it is—unless that clear seam between the main unit and the stand means the device also doubles as an independent tablet.

Yes, VoIP phones are a plenty, and video chat isn't exactly new. Yet wouldn't it be nice to have a dedicated gadget for online communication, free from the need to boot-up or proper maintenance? WIPI is of course a design concept. No information concerning a market release was available (or even forthcoming). But if that changes, you'll be the first to know.

WIPI Phone by Bon-Seop, Ku