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A Virtual Theater: Crackle Free Movies Comes to PS Home

On Friday Sony said that it made a deal with Crackle to stream full length movies within the PlayStation 3 console's virtual social platform, PlayStation Home. Gamers can now log in and head to their LOOT Entertainment On Demand (EOD) Theater, the Sunset Yacht or the Hollywood Hills House to watch Crackle-provided movies like Ghostbusters 2, Step Brothers, Snatch, Resident Evil and loads more. TV episodes are also available for streaming within the console's virtual playground.

Earlier this month Sony re-launched PlayStation Home with a new design featuring genre-based districts as well as a wide variety of exclusive games that cater to each player's interests, style and game preference. The service also launched with a number of free-to-play games including Bootleggers '29, PlayStation Home Hold 'Em, RC Rally, Cogs and a few more.

"Key features that were unveiled at the announcement of the redesign included an all-new futuristic Hub that brings games directly to players with a featured game front-and-center upon login and integrates an Activity Board that features a robust questing system, community events and user-generated content," Sony said on November 2. "The Hub will also offer additional navigation, shopping, socializing and entertainment options. From the Hub, players can teleport to different genre-based districts and spaces."

The new districts within the revamped PlayStatio Home include the Action District, Sportswalk, the Adventure District, Pier Park, and the PlayStation Home Theater and PlayStation Home Mall located in the main Hub.

As for watching Crackle content, please note that the LOOT EOD Theater, Sunset Yacht and Hollywood Hills House are virtual properties (featuring free special LOOT screens) that must be purchased with real cash. Virtual property owners can invite up to 11 guests for streaming Crackle content. LOOT screens can also stream Ustream video and RadioIO music, both of which will go live next month. That said, the Thanksgiving holidays seems like a good time to boot up the PlayStation 3 and see what the revamped PlayStation Home environment has to offer if you haven't already.

In addition to the private viewings, LOOT's Public Theater virtual spaces also offer "Social Viewing" experiences with up to 60 users, Sony said on Friday. Gamers can watch whatever is playing on the big screen for free without having to purchase a virtual property.

Sony's virtual world originally launched as an open beta back in December 2008.