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DIY: Fixing your iPhone or Android Device

Saving Money, the DIY Way!

You just dropped several hundred dollars on a brand new smartphone. Combined with whatever absurd amount of money you plunk down for voice, texting, and data over the next two years, suddenly you're chipping away and little Timmy and Sally's college funds.

What's worse than dropping hundreds of dollars on the hottest new AppleDroid phone? Dropping it and smashing the hell out of the screen, of course! Suddenly you're back at the store, listening to some service rep say the repairs will cost more than the phone did on contract. Whether you fix your current phone, or buy a new one altogether, you're wallet will be significantly lighter either way.

But what if you could fix that iPhone 4 yourself, for a fraction of the price? There are certain repairs that can be done, sans you parting with a month's salary. They might be somewhat daunting, but if there's no warranty to save your wallet, you have nothing to lose. This article will cover the basics for replacing screens, batteries, casing and inputs, and is more of a compilation of information from others who have tackled such tasks than it is our personal accounts of dealing with broken phones (I take very good care of my Droid 3, so :knock on wood: I haven't had to replace the screen...yet).