Gamers, Rest Easy: The PS4 will Support PS3 Headsets

Microsoft's redesigned controller for the Xbox One meant that current-gen wireless headsets were in danger of becoming obsolete. Any outrage or panic that would have ensued with the change has since been mitigated by Microsoft's plans on developing an adapter for Xbox headsets. 

Sony has recently confirmed that PlayStation 4 will support PlayStation 3 wireless headsets and will ship with its own headset. Microsoft has confirmed that unlike the Xbox 360, the Xbox One will not ship with its own headset because it believes the new Kinect will be enough for voice chatting functions.

So gamers, rest easy that your PS3 headsets won't be useless paperweights with the new console generation.

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  • DiaSin
    So they think that a microphone across the room and your TV speakers are good for voice chat? At the volume most people play console games everyone will be hearing everyone elses game over the voice chat. Not to mention.. with the way most gamers talk, if someone had kids in the house I can see the kid getting sent home from school for using language they learned from watching daddy play call of duty. Let alone the language built into games like Battlefield.
  • Anonymous
    This is old news but still glad this will be supported on the PS4.
  • BranFlake5
    @DiaSin That's another thing MICROSOFT did wrong, Sony has the up and up for this next gen.