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Roundup: 22-Inch LCD Monitors

Asus VH222H


HDMI + Full HD = perfect for films? This will be the case when manufacturers include, as is the case with TVs, a video correction circuit.

With most monitors, rendering of films is of very poor quality, and the VH222H is no exception. Images are noisy and the upscaling mediocre.

To limit the damage, opt for a source or player that carries out as much correction as possible before the signal reaches this monitor.

With this screen, Asus is entering the 22'' Full HD market with this glossy monitor equipped with--amongst other things--an HDMI input.  Design-wise, it bucks the current trend for rounded screens. Asus has gone for a more marked shape. Along with an HDMI port, you'll find DVI and VGA connections.

The base is not mobile at all, apart from the ability to tilt back a few degrees. For the audiophiles amongst you, Asus has included a pair of 2 watt speakers and an optical out that allows you to link up a surround sound system.


Before beginning the tests, you can see that the default color settings suffer from a dominant blue. This is confirmed with a deltaE score of 6.1. For those of you not used to our tests, the deltaE is the average difference between the color requested by the graphics card and those displayed on the screen. The best monitors in this class have a deltaE of under 2. The different settings proposed by Asus do not allow you to attenuate the problem. In the OSD, only putting the colors in sRGB will bring the deltaE down to 2.6. This means however that the contrast ratio suffers. From a default of 740:1, it drops to 400:1 with this setting.


With a response time of 5 ms in the spec, the VH222H had little chance of becoming a screen for gamers. For games such as Quake, Unreal and other FPS titles, the image lacks fluidity. The silver lining is the VH222H's minimal input lag, an advantage for multiplayer games. For slower games (strategy, platform) or for office work, the VH222H will be sufficient.

Asus VH222H
  • Minimal input lag
  • Format well adapted for movies and office work
  • TN panel = reduced angle of vision
  • Default colors not good
  • This is a monitor that fails to excel in every area. For everyday office usage, though, it will be more than adequate.