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The best mattress toppers in 2021: memory foam, latex and cooling toppers compared

best mattress toppers in 2021
(Image credit: Tempur-Pedic)

The best mattress toppers can breathe new life into an old mattress, giving you a much better night's sleep – for a lot less than the price of a new mattress. Whether you want to make your bed softer and more luxurious, firmer and more supportive, cooler at night, or improve it in any other way, the right mattress topper will transform the quality of your sleep.

In this guide, we'll help you choose the best mattress topper for your budget. Some of our top picks here come from big household names: after all, a premium topper can be almost as luxurious as an option from our best mattress guide – it'll just cost you less. (Even with a cheap mattress deal a new mattress will dent your savings). Others in this list are popular options from smaller brands. Either way, all the mattress toppers here are best-in-class, with thousands of five-star user reviews between them.

What's the best mattress topper?

We think the best mattress protector for most people is the Tempur-Pedic Tempur Supreme. This luxurious foam-based topper is three inches deep, with a removable, washable cover, and it boasts an impressive average of 4.6 out of 5 stars from over 3,500 user reviews. It normally starts from $299, but right now has a  20% discount at Tempur-Pedic.)

However, the right mattress topper for you depends on why you need it. If you want your bed to be softer and more luxurious, consider a feather down topper. If you need extra support, a foam mattress topper is a good option. Do you overheat at night? Look for a mattress topper with advanced cooling properties - we've got plenty of those here.

Whichever option you choose, it's also a good idea to pick up the best mattress protector you can afford while you're at it, to keep your topper fresh. Here's our pick of the best mattress toppers you can buy in the US.

The best mattress toppers right now

Best mattress toppers: Tempur-Pedic Tempur Supreme

(Image credit: Tempur-Pedic)

1. Tempur Topper Supreme

The best mattress topper overall

Depth: 3 inches
Material: Tempur foam
Sizes: 6: Twin - Cal King
Warranty: 10 years
RRP: $299 - $449
Reasons to buy
+Luxurious comfort+Adaptive, responding to your weight+10-year warranty+Washable cover
Reasons to avoid
-Not the cheapest

Tempur-Pedic's Tempur Topper Supreme combines comfort, quality, and practicality, making it our top pick for the best mattress topper you can buy today. With a generous three inches of Tempur's proprietary responsive foam, it's a great way to get premium Tempur-Pedic comfort on a budget.

This luxury mattress topper boasts an impressive average score of 4.6 out of 5 from over 4,200 user reviews on the Tempur-Pedic website (Jul 2021). A common theme from users is that the Tempur Topper Supreme is a great way to upgrade a tired or unsatisfactory mattress – and it's especially effective for mattresses that are too firm. Many users also comment that it's helped relieve pain when sleeping. 

The Tempur Topper Supreme has a hygienic cover to keep away any nasties - like mold, allergen and dust mite dander – and if you want to clean it, you can whip off the cover and throw it in the washer. Plus, with a 10-year warranty, you'll be able to sleep soundly in the knowledge that your topper should last as long as your mattress. For quality, comfort and price, we think Tempur-Pedic's superb Tempur Topper Supreme is the best mattress topper out there.

best mattress topper: Lucid 4-inch Gel Memory Foam

(Image credit: Amazon)

2. Lucid 4-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

A mid-range memory foam mattress topper to soften your bed

Depth: 4 inches
Material: Gel-infused memory foam
Sizes: 6: Twin - Cal King
Warranty: 3 years
RRP: $74.99 - $149.99
Reasons to buy
+Generous thickness+Great value+Temperature-regulating
Reasons to avoid
-May be too soft for some

A cheaper option than the luxury Tempur mattress topper above, the Lucid Gel Memory Foam mattress topper is a mid-range model that's well worth considering. Coming in at four inches deep, it's the thickest in our best mattress topper guide, and it's a great choice for adding cushioning comfort to a firm mattress.

The Lucid Gel Memory Foam mattress topper boasts an impressive average Amazon rating of 4.3 out of 5 from over 20,500 user reviews (Jul 2021). Many commend it for the pressure relief it provides, and the vast majority agree that it has improved their current mattresses. 

If you're looking for a firm topper that will give a softer mattress some extra support, this Lucid option probably isn't for you. But if you want to add a layer of luxury comfort without breaking the bank, the vast majority of people should find that this plush, gel-infused memory foam topper is a fantastic choice. 

Best mattress topper: Saatva mattress topper

(Image credit: Saatva)

3. Saatva mattress topper

Best luxury mattress topper

Depth: 1.5 - 3 inches
Material: Memory foam, latex
Sizes: 7 Twin - Split King
Warranty: 1 year
RRP: $160 - $540
Reasons to buy
+Advanced cooling technology+Anchor bands for extra stability+Washable cover
Reasons to avoid
-Short warranty

When it comes to luxury mattress toppers, Saatva’s range is tough to beat. There are three different materials available, but we recommend the mid-range graphite-infused memory foam version for its cooling properties. The cutting-edge technology draws heat away from your body for a more comfortable night’s sleep. You also get the contouring/pressure relief of memory foam, and at three-inches deep, it’s twice the thickness of Saatva’s other mattress topper products. 

Speaking of which, Saatva’s latex design also sleeps fairly cool. Made from all-natural, renewable materials, the 1.5-inch thick topper is Saatva’s most expensive but most durable product – certainly exceeding the expected lifespan of the average topper. At the opposite end of the cost spectrum is Saatva’s high-density mattress topper. The most affordable option in the range, this 1.5-inch thick high-density foam topper contours to your body for pressure and pain relief, and provides great motion isolation as well. 

The Saatva website boasts a selection of 5-star reviews for its mattress toppers, perhaps unsurprisingly, none of which go into any great detail as to what makes them so faultless. However, the products also scored solid rating across a number of categories (including comfort, temperature control and motion isolation) in this independent review from Sleep foundation too. 

If you want the perfect combination of luxury, comfort and value for money, the Saatva graphite is easily one of the best mattress toppers you can buy.

Best mattress topper: ViscoSoft Active Cooling Copper

(Image credit: ViscoSoft)

4. ViscoSoft Active Cooling Copper Topper

Best cooling mattress topper

Depth: 4 inches
Material: Copper-infused memory foam
Sizes: 6: Twin – Cal King
Warranty: 5 years
RRP: $332.95 - $519.95
Reasons to buy
+Great for those who get hot+Ultra hygienic+Relieves pressure points
Reasons to avoid
-May be too firm for some

All the mattress toppers in our guide are designed to help prevent you from overheating at night, but if you're particularly prone to the night sweats, the ViscoSoft Active Cooling Copper Topper is worth a look. At four inches deep, it's luxurious – and it comes packed with the latest materials to keep you cool. 

On top, a removable and washable fabric cover deflects moisture. Meanwhile inside, two inches of antimicrobial copper-infused foam help regulate your temperature by transferring heat away from your body, and another two inches of support foam relieve pain from pressure points. 

Users agree that it's excellent. There's a smaller review pool for this topper, but those that have rated it – both on the ViscoSoft site and Amazon - speak highly of its cooling capabilities. Some have claimed it's a little firm, but most people found it just right. It averages 4.7 at ViscoSoft, and 4/5 from over 270 user reviews at Amazon (Jul 2021).   

Best mattress toppers: Linenspa Gel Memory Foam

(Image credit: Linenspa)

5. Linenspa Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The best budget mattress topper

Depth: 2 inches
Material: Gel-infused memory foam
Sizes: 6: Twin – Cal King
Warranty: 3 years
RRP: $39.99 - $79.99
Reasons to buy
+Incredible value+Responsive+Good temperature regulation 
Reasons to avoid
-Cover not machine washable 

Buyers on a budget need not settle for a second-rate mattress topper – Linenspa's two-inch Gel Memory Foam topper starts at less than $40 and has over 62,000 extremely positive reviews on Amazon, averaging an amazing 4.5 out of 5 (Jul 2021).

It's simple but effective, and two inches is more than enough to provide some extra comfort for a cheaper or older mattresses. (You can also upgrade to three inches for a little more.) However, what we like the most is the gel infusion – these gel beads help cool you down, alleviating one of the biggest issues many people have with memory foam. If you're after a bargain, this cheap and cheerful mattress topper is one of the best around.

Best mattress topper: Turmerry Organic Latex

(Image credit: Turmerry)

6. Turmerry Organic Latex Mattress Topper

The best mattress topper for relieving aches and pains

Depth: 2 - 3 inches
Material: Organic latex foam
Sizes: 6 Twin - Cal King
Warranty: 5 years
RRP: $159 - $429
Reasons to buy
+Affordable+Eco-friendly+Three firmness options
Reasons to avoid
-Shorter trial period

If you frequently find yourself waking up with aches and pains, the Turmerry Organic Latex mattress topper could be the solution. Available in 2- and 3-inch thickness, as well as three firmness levels: soft, medium and medium firm, Turmerry mattress toppers are specifically designed to provide pressure relief and support in all the right places.

Formed from organic Dunlop latex, ventilated with small holes to promote air circulation, Turmerry mattress toppers are also a top choice to help cool hot sleepers. 

All Turmerry toppers are hypoallergenic, so a safe choice for anyone with allergies. And they should also appeal to eco-conscious consumers too, with the company’s manufacturing facility being carbon neutral certified, the latex from which the toppers are made receiving organic certification. Turmerry also plants a tree with every sale, so you can sleep easy knowing your purchase has helped the environment in more ways than one. 

The Turmerry website features almost 450 reviews, the majority of which rate its products 5-stars – the general consensus being the toppers are good quality at a great price. And you can’t argue with value for money here, with Turmerry's Dunlop latex material outdoing the competition in terms of durability by a minimum of 10 years. 

The free trial period is shorter than other companies listed, however, it is still a significant enough period of time to decide whether you’re happy with your purchase. If you suffer from aches and pain while you sleep, the Turmerry Organic is one of the best mattress toppers to consider. 

Best mattress topper: Pure Brands Down Alternative Mattress Topper and pad

(Image credit: Pure Brands)

7. Pure Brands Down Alternative Mattress Topper and pad

One of the most popular mattress toppers at Amazon

Depth: 2 inches
Material: Breathable microfiber
Sizes: 8: Twin – Cal King
RRP: $35.99 - $44.99
Reasons to buy
+Excellent value+No animal products used+Machine washable
Reasons to avoid
-Not as thick as others

For the budget-conscious just looking for a cheap and effective way of enhancing your current mattress, this Pure Brands topper is one of the best out there. Although it's only two inches thick, its average rating of 4.4/5 from over 10,000 user reviews on Amazon speaks volumes – you don't have to shell out hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars to get the best mattress topper for most people.

Simple in construction, this mattress topper offers a lightweight solution for beds that are too firm, and can provide a good amount of extra comfort and support. Also, users claim that it lasts well, so you should get a good few years of service from this great-value mattress topper.

Best mattress toppers: The Company Store Legends Hotel Down Alternative Baffled Featherbed

(Image credit: The Company Store)

8. The Company Store Legends Hotel Down Alternative Baffled Featherbed

The best hypo-allergenic mattress topper

Depth: 4 inches
Material: TCS down-free fill
Sizes: 4: Twin – King
Warranty: Lifetime guarantee
RRP: $199 - $299
Reasons to buy
+Great for those with allergies+Seriously plump and comfy+Very deep at 4"
Reasons to avoid
-Not washable

If you want the sheer luxury of a down mattress topper, but don't want the real thing – perhaps you're avoiding animal-derived materials, or you suffer from allergies – the TCS Down Alternative Featherbed is the perfect alternative. With four inches of TCS's trademark Down-Free filling, you'll get all the plush comfort with none of the downsides.

If you're looking for a firm mattress topper, this won't be right for you. But for sink-right-in comfort it's a perfect choice. However, we'd highly recommend picking up a mattress protector alongside the Featherbed, because you won't be able to wash or dry clean it if it gets dirty.

Best mattress topper: Parachute Down Feather

(Image credit: Parachute)

9. Parachute Down Feather Topper

The best down mattress topper

Depth: 3 inches
Material: European white down
Sizes: 6: Twin – Cal King
Warranty: 3 years
RRP: $269 - $399
Reasons to buy
+All-natural down filling+Super soft and luxurious+Dense 550 fill
Reasons to avoid
-May be too soft for some

A little different from the largely foam mattress toppers so far, this Parachute topper might just be the last word in luxury – three inches of all-natural down in a cotton sateen shell. It's like having a duvet above and below you.

If you're someone who loves to get really cozy at night, the Parachute Down Feather Topper is among the best mattress toppers in this guide. And although it might not have all the latest tech, tons of users have claimed that this mattress topper has relieved their back pain, and has transformed an older mattress into something special again.

Best mattress topper: Eight Sleep The Pod Thermo Cover

(Image credit: Eight Sleep)

10. Eight Sleep The Pod Thermo Cover

The best high-tech mattress topper

Material: Liquid cooling pad
Sizes: 4: Full – Cal King
Warranty: 2 years
RRP: $1,695 - $1,995
Reasons to buy
+Dual-zone cooling and heating+Fits any 10" or 11" mattress+Sleep tracking for two people
Reasons to avoid
-Very expensive

If money is no object, then there's no reason not to get an Eight Sleep Pod Thermo cover. Eight Sleep's Pod mattress is excellent, and the Thermo cover essentially transforms any old mattress into a state-of-the-art bed right out of a science fiction novel.

With temperature settings ranging from 55-110°F – separately adjustable for both sides of the bed – even if you and your partner have drastically different sleeping styles, you'll be able tailor your experience and rest soundly. You'll also be able to track your sleep with the free app, plus it comes with a 30-day trial, during which you can send it back for a full refund.

The only hitch is that price: starting at $1,695, this is a serious investment, but if you can afford it, there's a lot on offer here.

What is the best mattress topper for 2021?

Right now, the Tempur-Pedic Tempur Supreme tops our list of the best mattress toppers. The three-inch thick foam topper offers a whole lot of comfort, pressure and pain relief at a really reasonable price. 

It gets an impressive average of 4.6 out of 5 stars from over 3,500 user reviews. Plus with a whopping 10-year warranty, this topper is sure to last as long as your mattress.

When is the best time to buy a mattress topper?

How thick should my mattress topper be?

Toppers can range in thickness greatly, from just an inch or two to eight inches or more. However, a happy medium for most is around four inches, and those under two inches should probably be avoided.

A thin topper is unlikely to actually provide much extra support or cushioning, and in use you're likely to 'bottom out', meaning your pressure points won't really be feeling any difference compared to your mattress alone.

Those that are too thick, however (especially standard memory foam toppers), will have you sinking deeply into the topper. While some might enjoy this, it can prove problematic when it comes to moving around in bed. You might find yourself feeling a little trapped, and if it doesn't spring back into shape immediately you could also struggle to get comfy when you change position.

While it all depends on your preference and what material you've chosen, we think between two to four inches is the best for a mattress topper.

How do I choose the best mattress topper?

When choosing the best mattress topper, you should consider exactly why you need one. If your current mattress is too soft, you should look for a firm topper that will help give you support and alleviate any sinking you currently experience. For example, the Amerisleep Lift Support is great for this, providing extra support while not being rock-hard. Firm topper are usually preferred by back and front sleepers.

If your mattress is too firm, your options are quite varied, ranging from traditional memory foams to feather down and down alternatives. These will help retain the support your firm mattress provides while adding some plush comfort. This will help you get comfortable easily, and will alleviate hip and shoulder stress if you're a side sleeper.

You might also be looking for a topper to help you stay cool at night. There are a number of options here, but a although many companies claim their toppers help dissipate heat, it's worth reading user reviews to make sure this is true.

Are mattress toppers good for back and hip pain?

They certainly can be. If you're a side sleeper you might find your back and shoulders ache when sleeping on a firm mattress. This may be because your spine isn't properly aligned in bed. A topper can help with this by providing extra depth and support while also taking stress away from your pressure points.

A firm topper can so the same for soft mattresses, and help you stop sinking too deeply into your bed.

What's the best way to care for my mattress topper?

As with most products, it's always best to see what the manufacturer suggests in terms of care. Some are entirely machine-washable, while other can't even be dry cleaned and can only be stop cleaned.

To help prolong the life of any topper, though, we'd recommend using a mattress protector as well. This will stop any soiling or stains damaging your topper, and as a bonus they can help stop the topper sliding off the bed through use.

Which is better: a gel or memory foam topper?

Memory foam toppers dominate the market, and can provide affordable, effective ways or both firming up or softening your current mattress. However, cheaper versions do often suffer from heat retention, which can make some overheat at night.

Gel and gel-infused foams perform much the same as memory foam toppers, but have technologies baked in that help dissipate heat. This is great if you tend to run hot, but many premium foams without gel have other ways of dissipating heat.

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