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Best iPhone VPN in 2020 - Working VPN Apps to Download on iOS Smartphones

best iPhone VPN apps to download
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If you're an iPhone user you probably don't worry much about security - who hacks Apple, right? But even Apple devices put you at risk when you head online. That's why you could benefit from the security and anonymity that a VPN provides. And that's why we've tested lots and lots of them to bring you this list of the very best iPhone VPN options.

Download the right VPN app and it's like an access all areas pass which lets you enjoy the freedom of the entire internet while also remaining anonymous. The result is that your identity, your data and your browsing habits are all kept private. This is crucial when travelling or connecting to a potentially unsecure Wi-Fi network via your iPhone.

The best iPhone VPNs at a glance:

And an iPhone VPN not only protects your identity, making sure everything sensitive on your smartphone stays just there, but it also helps get around geo-restrictions. These are the location locked streaming services like BBC iPlayer and Hulu that, thanks to the way VPNs work, you can still enjoy when away from your country. Since a VPN can make you appear in another country altogether, it's possible to enjoy the best those services have to offer when you likely need it more than ever, when travelling.

So how do you take advantage of your shiny new iPhone's super speeds and gorgeous screen anywhere in the world? With the right iPhone VPN app – and here are the options.

What makes the best iPhone VPN app?

The three most important S-factors to think about are speed, security and support. Aside from that you may also want to consider the functionality of the app itself, since this is for your Android device. That said, anything that does a good job is likely going to do it in the background anyway without the need for much control on your part.

The one VPN that ticks all the boxes for us is ExpressVPN which offers the right level of speed, security and support to leave you at ease, with access to everything you need no matter where in the world you are. This is what a VPN is all about.

The Top 5 Best iPhone VPN apps today

ExpressVPN is the best iPhone VPN app

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1. ExpressVPN

The all-round best iPhone VPN for security, streaming and everything else

Amount of servers: 3,000+ | Max simultaneous connections: 5 | App Store score: 4.5 | 24/7 support: Yes

Over 94 countries supported
Excellent 24/7 support service
Split tunneling
Zero knowledge DNS
Tops out at five connections

ExpressVPN is our number one iPhone VPN as it works well across iOS devices. In fact it works well on any device - that's why it heads our overall best VPN list.

That's thanks to a hefty 3,000+ servers across 160 locations worldwide which equate to high-speed protected connections. the protection part comes from the use of AES 256-bit encryption over OpenVPN UDP along with a kill switch and split tunneling for even more layers of security. 

The customer service that runs 24/7 is simply the best out there right now. Not only for issues on connecting, but it also comes in handy just for getting tips on the best server to get top speeds where you are, specifically for what you're doing.

So if you're trying to watch BBC iPlayer in Peru, or fancy some US Netflix Down Under on your iPad or iPhone, then ExpressVPN will remove geo-restriction issues. And if you struggle then you can always tap up that 24/7 customer service until you're viewing what you want on your iOS device.

Thanks to a minimally designed iOS app you can enjoy simple controls to master complex VPN powers, in a typically Apple style way. Even if you disconnect the app will reconnect for you automatically leaving you very little to think about besides what you want to enjoy with your speedy, safe new connection. A nice touch is the ability to switch servers without closing the current connection first. 

The downsides are that you're limited to five device connections at a time but with a 30-day money back guarantee it's worth a try even if this is an issue.

Get 49% off the best iPhone VPN
As we say, you can try ExpressVPN before you fully commit thanks to its 30-day money back promise. But if our praise above as convinced you to just go for ExpressVPN straight away, then you can get 49% off the normal price with an annual plan. Plus, it will through in an extra 3 months free on top.

NordVPN iPhone VPN

(Image credit: NordVPN)

2. NordVPN

Superb iOS security

Amount of servers: 5,200+ | Max simultaneous connections: 6 | App Store score: 4.6 | 24/7 support: Yes

Double encryption
Six devices
Lots of extensions
Simple app

NordVPN is the most secure VPN out there hands-down, let alone for iPhone. The iOS app is very easy to use with a quick connect widget to get you details on your nearest server at a touch. These servers are plentiful with over 5,200 across 60ish locations which means you can enjoy speed but it's the security this is really worth investing in.

NordVPN uses a 2048-bit double encryption since it passes your data through two separate VPN servers. You also get DNS leak detection and two kill switches as standard. 

The app will automatically connect you to the VPN when it detects you're on an untrusted Wi-Fi network, so there's very little for you to do. And should you want to you can even talk to get other features used, via Siri support.

Try a 30 day trial if you like the sounds of this iPhone app and then pay securely with a credit card, Bitcoin or PayPal.

Click through to the NordVPN website to sign up

Surfshark iPhone VPN

(Image credit: Surfshark)

3. Surfshark

Speed and security for your iPhone at an attractive cost

Amount of servers: 1,700+ | Max simultaneous connections: Unlimited | App Store score: 4.4 | 24/7 support: Yes

Rapid speeds
Excellent pricing
Great security
App maybe too basic for some

Surfshark is a superb VPN for iOS devices thanks to a very minimal app backed by great speeds and decent security. It's one of those just-works solutions that anyone with an Apple iPhone will appreciate.

Security-wise you're protected by an AES-256 bit encryption, kill switch and protocols like OpenVPN UDP and TCP, IKEv2. You can rely on no logging when your online and the double VPN hop adds even more layers of security between your identity, data and the online world.

There are unlimited device connections so getting your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and anything else online all at once is a viable option. There's also a nice 30-day money back guarantee so you can try before you buy.

Click through to the Surfshark website to sign up

IPVanish iPhone VPN

(Image credit: IPVanish)

4. IPVanish

Pure speed for your iOS device

Amount of servers: 1,400+ | Max simultaneous connections: 10 | App Store score: 4.5 | 24/7 support: Yes

Super speeds
Split tunneling
Great value
Not as easy to use as some

IPVanish is all about pure speed so if you want to push your new iPhone to the limit then this is a great VPN app for the job.

The iOS app works on iPhone and iPad and will connect to a safe VPN automatically when it detects and internet connection is established. A nice touch here is that you get a suggestion of the fastest server based on your current location and ping time. This is a great middle ground between auto-pilot and giving you enough control.

The recently added kill switch is a nice update that shows the company is listening to the needs of its customers. Indeed, security is generally solid across the board with 256-AES encryption, OpenVPN protocol and no logging while using the iOS app.

Click through to the IPVanish website to sign up

Windscribe iPhone VPN

(Image credit: Windscribe)

5. Windscribe

Unlimited connections from a Canada-based service

Amount of servers: 400 | Max simultaneous connections: Unlimited | App Store score: 4.5 | 24/7 support: No

Above average speeds
24-hour free trial
Free plan with 10GB/month
Some session logging

Windscribe VPN is a great option if you want to get a fully fledged VPN but with a free version, which offers you 10GB of data per month. Of course the full version offers you more with the likes of an effective kill switch, Netflix and BBC iPlayer unblocking and over server 110 locations to pick from worldwide.

Unlike many VPN services this will allow you access on an unlimited number of devices at the same time. You'll be able to enjoy super security no matter which device thanks to IKEv2 and OpenVPN support backed by AES-256-bit encryption.

The iPhone VPN app has some great features often not found in app format for things like custom OpenVPN configurations and preferred protocol setup based on the current network.

Click through to the Windscribe website to sign up 

What does a VPN do on an iPhone?

Once your iPhone is connected to the internet, be it through your network connection or Wi-Fi, it's at risk. In the case of open Wi-Fi, like at coffee shops, hotels and airports, this risk is even greater. Risk of what? Your data being exposed. This is where a VPN works to keep you safe.

By bouncing your connection off other servers, it makes you appear somewhere you're not. It will also assign you a new IP address, which makes you appear to be someone you're not. Essentially all your travels digitally are run through a proxy, that appears to be you, and keeps you – and your iPhone data – safe. 

Do I really need an iPhone VPN app?

A VPN is undeniably handy and having it on an iPhone is superb, but is the app itself useful? Yes, if you want to access different features, the VPN app is a helpful addition. If you want to connect to a specific location, for example, this is a great way to find out what servers are available there, using the map.

Or, perhaps, you want to know there is a kill switch keeping you safe, the app will have you covered there too, should your connection drop out. Maybe you want to whitelist some sites so they're not accessed using the VPN, ideal for banking. Or perhaps you want to enable GPS spoofing while on the go. There are loads of app specific features on offer here that make many of these iOS apps a must have as part of the package.

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