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Best GoPro accessories in 2020

best GoPro accessories
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The best action cameras are made by GoPro, but even they have their limitations. That's where the best GoPro accessories come in. These add-ons, which include cases, lenses, batteries, and external microphones, not only let you take better video with your GoPro, but also let you use it in more extreme environments.

Most of the best GoPro accessories listed here will generally work with most GoPro models. However, there are some GoPro Hero9 and Hero8 Black-specific accessories, as those model have a different design than previous generations. We've noted which accessories will work with a particular GoPro.  

What are the best GoPro accessories?

If we had to pick the best GoPro accessories, we'd have to first start with an extra GoPro battery and the SanDisk microSD card. 

For starters, you're going to need a good microSD card if you want to capture video. You want to choose a card that has a high storage capacity, and one with a fast write speed, so it can keep up as you're recording 4K video. The SanDisk Extreme microSD card is a UHS Class 3 card, capable of storing UHD video, and is available in several capacities. If you have an older-model GoPro, you'll want to make sure it's compatible with 128- and 256-GB microSD cards, though. 

Another crucial accessory for your GoPro is a spare battery or two, as well as a charger. Depending on the features you use, as well as the resolution you film, your GoPro's battery could last an hour, tops. So if you're out for an entire day of filming, you'll want an extra battery or two to keep your camera rolling. 

After that, we recommend the Neweer 50-in-1 accessory kit, which has just about all the straps, mounts, floats, poles, and attachments you could want for connecting your GoPro to your body, your car, your bike, your motorcycle, and much more. It even comes with a case; not bad for less than $30.

The best GoPro accessories you can buy today

best GoPro Accessories: Battery Charger

(Image credit: GoPro)

1. GoPro Extra Battery / Battery Charger

Works with: Hero8 Black, GoPro Hero7, GoPro Hero6, GoPro Hero5

While out filming your favorite activity, having extra batteries in your bag makes sure that the red flashing battery symbol is not the reason you missed capturing that once in a lifetime event. 

While the size and capacity of the 2019 battery is the same, GoPro changed the max output in the new model to help the camera take advantage of new features and this new version is clearly marked with its light blue end cap on the bottom.  Without power, there can be no epic footage, making extra batteries a “must have” on our list of Best GoPro Accessories. 

GoPro sells a dual battery charger that also acts as a case to keep the battery contacts clean when not in use. It comes with one extra battery but has slots to charge two batteries simultaneously. You can recharge your first battery while using the second. Best part is you can connect the charger to a power bank you have on hand and connect it via USB in your pocket or backpack. 

The newest GoPro Hero9 Black has a battery that's both a different size and capacity than earlier models. As a result, the batteries for the Hero9 Black are incompatible with earlier GoPros, and vice versa.

best GoPro accessories: SanDisk Extreme

(Image credit: SanDisk)

2. SanDisk Extreme microSD card

Works with: Hero8 Black, Hero7 Black

With the Hero8 Black’s ability to record 4K, you will certainly want more storage than the 32GB card that comes with the camera when purchased from the company’s site. The Hero8 Black can accept up to a 256GB micro SD card and SanDisk makes some of the most rock-solid products out there in a variety of sizes. 

For the ultimate in reliability, pick up two cards so while one is offloading footage, you can keep shooting epic videos. Make sure it says UHS Class 3, which guarantees the card can write data to it at a high rate for 4K footage. This is another must-have on our list of Best GoPro Accessories.

best GoPro accessories: Neweer 50-in-1 kit

(Image credit: Neweer)

3. Neewer 50-In-1 Action Camera Accessory Kit

Works with: Hero8 Black, GoPro Hero7, GoPro Hero6, GoPro Hero5

While many inexpensive GoPro knockoffs include dozens of mounts and accessories with their cameras, GoPro unfortunately does not and it can be costly to purchase piece by piece. 

Luckily for you, Neewer has just the solution, with its 50-in-1 piece accessory kit, which provides an assortment of standard and conversion mounts to make it easy to attach the camera to a variety of surfaces for just about any situation. From riding a bike or motorcycle to skiing or snowboarding and everything in between, you should be able to find a mount to suit your needs. Whether that requires the included head and chest mounts or handlebar mount or the miscellaneous assorted sticky mounts and suction mounts for helmets, windshields or other surfaces, you should be covered. 

best gopro accessories: SameTop tripod mount adapter

(Image credit: Sametop)

4. Sametop Tripod Mount Adapter

Works with: Hero8 Black, GoPro Hero7, GoPro Hero6, GoPro Hero5

If you regularly use a tripod to film, a tripod adapter lets you connect your GoPro, either with the  newly built-in retractable fingers in the Hero8 Black or the non-retractable fingers of past models, to a standard threaded camera tripod mount. 

Additionally, if there’s any reason you can’t find an appropriate mounting device that is compatible with GoPro’s mounting fingers, you will most certainly be able to find one with a standard tripod screw. With a 4-pack of adapters, you can make sure you always have one in every camera bag or backpack you take with you. 

best GoPro accessories: GoPole Dome Pro

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5. GoPole Dome Pro

Works with: Hero8 Black, GoPro Hero7, GoPro Hero6, GoPro Hero5

Significantly less expensive than other similar products on the market, the GoPole Dome Pro is the perfect accessory for those that like to spend time in the ocean or at the lake. With the clear acrylic dome, you can easily get those simultaneous half in, half out of water shots like your favorite Instagram photographers. 

The GoPole Dome Pro is also easy to use. Simply mount the GoPro Hero8 Black in the back and you are ready to capture some epic water footage; no additional accessories needed. To make it even easier, you can use the entire housing with your favorite waterproof handle with the mounting fingers on the back of the dome. While we don’t have any recommendations in this guide, this is a personal choice based on your needs and filming style. You can choose a floating handle, pistol-grip styled handle or even two-handed version for comfort. 

There are two options available; one for the new Hero8 Black and a second for older models like the Hero5, Hero6 and Hero7.

Best GoPro accessories: GoPro Floaty

(Image credit: GoPro)

6. GoPro Floaty

Works with: Hero8 Black, GoPro Hero7, GoPro Hero6, GoPro Hero5

Talk to enough people that spend time by the water with their GoPro and you are almost guaranteed to hear horror stories about how they lost their camera while surfing, wakeboarding, boating, fishing or simply capturing footage of fish in a lake coming to the surface to feed. 

If you partake in any of these hobbies or others like it near water, it would be great to consider picking up the Floaty, a removable bright orange foam attachment to ensure the GoPro comes back up to the surface and can be easily spotted. 

If you spend time in or on the water and can’t sacrifice the use of your hands to film yourself or friends, you should also consider the Bite Mount which can work alongside the Floaty +. Similar to the mouthpiece on a snorkel, the Bite Mount will help prevent those accidents while also allowing an interesting hands-free perspective while surfing, paddleboarding or wakeboarding. 

best GoPro accessories: Movo VXR10 microphone

(Image credit: Movo)

7. Movo VXR10 External Cardioid Microphone with Windscreen

Works with: All GoPro Hero models (with Media Mod [Hero8] or External Mic Adapter)

Depending on your needs and the conditions you are filming in, you may want to consider adding an external microphone for even better sound. The Movo VXR10 is the perfect audio companion while filming on a windy day. It comes with a furry windscreen, commonly referred to as a “deadcat” which helps prevent both the low rumble and distracting howling as the wind passes over the microphone. 

The VXR10 can significantly improve what your audience hears and it will work perfectly in conjunction with the new Media Mod which has a 3.5mm jack built in, eliminating the need for the somewhat fumbly GoPro Mic Adapter. It also comes with a handy faux leather travel pouch and a removable cable, as well as a shock mount with a combination cold shoe / tripod adapter. 

Pro tip: Try to keep the microphone within a few feet of your subject’s mouth to get the fullest, richest and best sounding audio. 

best GoPro accessories: Gurmoir aluminum alloy housing

(Image credit: Gurmoir)

8. Gurmoir Aluminum Alloy Housing

Works with: Hero8 Black, GoPro Hero7, GoPro Hero6, GoPro Hero5

If you prefer using third-party products for lighting and sound, you may want to use a third-party case. The updated Gurmoir housing is the latest version of a product that’s worked well for a while. The new model gets a necessary redesign to take into account the updated positioning of the battery door and power/mode buttons. It doesn’t allow for use of the retractable fingers, but it does come with a set that can be mounted to the bottom of the case to connect any compatible mounting device of your choosing. 

Additionally, the screw on glass filter allows for easy use of UV, ND or polarizing filters not typically available to the GoPro platform. It is available in black or blue aluminum. Also check out the company’s microphone adapter case if you plan on using a third-party microphone. Gurmoir makes specific models for the GoPro Hero 5, Hero 6 and 7, and Hero 8.

best GoPro accessories: Kupton Screen protector

(Image credit: Kupton)

9. Kupton Tempered Glass Lens and Screen Protector

Works with: Hero8 Black, GoPro Hero7, GoPro Hero6, GoPro Hero5

When GoPro decided to redesign the Hero8 Black, they eliminated the removable lens that was present on previous models. This unfortunately means that if you happen to drop your GoPro Hero8 Black on some concrete and it scratches the lens, you will have to pay a pretty penny (almost as much to replace the whole camera) as you would to replace just the lens. 

Enter, the Kupton Tempered Glass Lens and Screen Protector. Just like the tempered glass screen protectors you apply to your phone, this one easily applies to the lens and rear screen while also including a small protective film for the front info screen. It comes as a 2-pack and at less than $8, definitely worth it and highly recommended. 

For those that have any of the previous gen models, Kupton offers a version that works for them as well. It’s $1 more expensive but also includes a protective front lens cap which is probably worth it too.

best GoPro Accessories: AmazonBasics Carrying Case

(Image credit: Amazon)

10. AmazonBasics Carrying Case

Works with: Hero8 Black, GoPro Hero7, GoPro Hero6, GoPro Hero5

If you take any of our suggestions contained in this list of the Best Accessories for your GoPro, you'll certainly need some way to store and transport all these accessories. 

Once again, we recommend AmazonBasics' carrying case which can hold two GoPros, miscellaneous mounts, a smart remote, filters and cables, all for less than $18. If you got excited when you read this list and started shopping heavily, maybe even consider a second case to house the accessories and at such an affordable price, you really can't go wrong. However, if you are just getting started and have less gear or trying to keep everything compact, you might prefer the small or extra small versions instead. 

Best GoPro accessories: GoPro Media Mod

(Image credit: GoPro)

11. GoPro Media Mod

Works with: GoPro Hero8 Black

The Media Mod is the foundation for GoPro’s new focus to make the Hero8 Black a better solution for not only capturing better video footage but getting better audio to go along with it. The biggest feature contained in the Media Mod is a built-in shotgun microphone with wind reduction in an unobtrusive form factor. It is a perfect accessory for when you need better audio in a compact, unobtrusive form-factor. 

The Media Mod also adds a number of connections for those that desire them, including two cold-shoe mounts, micro-HDMI, USB-C, and 3.5mm microphone port, eliminating the need for the previous necessary audio dongle. Whether you want to use GoPro’s other products, the Media Mod adds a platform to connect multiple items including the company’s Lighting Mod and Display Mod and gives a convenient place to mount them. 

GoPro makes a specific Media Mod for the Hero8 and Hero9 Black; both cost $80, but be sure to get the one that's specifically for your camera.

Best GoPro accessories: GoPro Light Mod

(Image credit: GoPro)

12. GoPro Light Mod

Works with: GoPro Hero 8 Black

GoPro has finally recognized the need for external light while filming in dimly lit scenes. The new Light Mod can be used as both an auxiliary accessory for the Media Mod and standalone product for the GoPro or other camera system. The GoPro Light Mod is a 10 LED array and varies from 20 to 200 lumens in three user selectable brightness levels as well as strobe function. 

It also comes with a silicone diffuser for washing a subject in soft, aesthetically pleasing lighting when needed. When used in conjunction with the Media Mod, it can attach via the cold shoe but also comes with removable mounting fingers to mount it to any GoPro mount in order to shed some lighting on a subject from a different angle.  

best GoPro accessories: GoPro Display Mod

(Image credit: GoPro)

13. GoPro Display Mod

Works with: GoPro Hero 8 Black

To compete with other cameras with a flip-out screen used for vlogging, GoPro has created the Display Mod (coming later this year). Easily paired with the Media Mod, the 2-inch Display Mod plugs in to the Micro HDMI port in the back and can pivot up or down when not in use, allowing you to clearly see what you are filming while you are filming it. 

With its rechargeable internal battery, it does not drain the camera’s battery and will last about an hour, making it perfect for recording videos for your YouTube channel. If need be, you can simultaneously charge the Display Mod using an external battery pack while in use. 

best GoPro accessories: Lume Cube

(Image credit: Lume Cube)

14. Lume Cube 2.0

Works with: Hero8 Black, GoPro Hero7, GoPro Hero6, GoPro Hero5

While the Light Mod is a great and convenient first step to get better video footage in low light, the Lume Cube Panel will give you significantly more customization of your lighting setup as  well as significantly more output. 

With its rechargeable battery and adjustable color temperature range from 3200K to 5600K (daylight) as well as adjustable brightness increments in five percent steps, ranging from 5 percent all the way up to 100 percent, the LumeCube Panel will significantly up your video quality in low light situations. At 100 percent brightness, it will last 90 minutes while at 5 percent, will last an impressive 7.5 hours. You can also use it as a power bank as well to top up your GoPro or phone. 

Alternatively, try the company’s second-generation of their 1-inch by 1-inch light, the Lume Cube 2.0, available in single or pairs with basic light modifying accessories or in a Travel Kit with numerous snap-on filters and light modifiers. With ten brightness levels and waterproof down to 10m (30 feet), the Lume Cube 2.0 shouldn’t be forgotten as a Best GoPro Accessory. 

best goPro accessories: Movo MTP-20

(Image credit: Movo)

15. Movo MTP-20 Programmable Time Lapse Head

Works with: Hero8 Black, GoPro Hero7, GoPro Hero6, GoPro Hero5

With the GoPro Hero8 Black’s ability to shoot beautiful photo and video time lapses, the MTP-20 will take them up to the next level. It gives you a way to capture customizable time lapses while panning up to 360 degrees. 

With settings for both speed (from 48 seconds to 2 hours per rotation) and rotation angle (from 10 degrees to 360 degrees), imagine how much better a sunrise or sunset timelapse will look with a little added motion. For those that want to take their video footage up a level as well, set your GoPro to record in 4K or 1080p and let it take a ride on the MTP-20 to get an epic panning shot. 

The MTP-20 comes with a handy travel bag as well as a tripod adapter for the GoPro as well as an expandable phone mount, making it even more flexible but you will need to supply 4 “AA” batteries to use it. 

How to choose the best GoPro accessories

After a microSD card and spare batteries, choosing the best GoPro accessories entirely depends upon what you plan to do with it. You'll probably want a good selection of mounts and adapters, so you can attach the camera to your bike or whatever. 

While GoPros are pretty good at cutting out wind noise, you'll want to invest in an external microphone if you want truly good audio. There are plenty of third-party mics, but GoPro also makes its own —built into the Media Mod for the Hero8.

You'll also want to invest in a good light, especially if you plan to film a lot at night, or in darkened conditions. GoPro has a Light Mod for the Hero8, but Lume Cube's third-party light is great for all other models.

And, while GoPros are water-resistant to 33 feet, you'll want to invest in a good waterproof case if you're going to use it in the ocean. You'll also want a flotation device, too, to prevent your GoPro from sinking to the bottom of the sea.