The best Galaxy S20 cases

best galaxy s20 cases
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The new Galaxy S20 comes with a 6.2-inch screen, a 10-megapixel selfie camera, and a triple camera on the back that offers ultra-wide, wide-angle, and telephoto picture captures. But thanks to its $1,000 price tag, you'll want to pick up one of the best Galaxy S20 cases to protect your investment.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to protect that investment with a case. Companies as far-ranging as Samsung and OtterBox to Spigen and Caseology are all selling cases you'll want to consider. 

From stylish designs to the best in protection, here are the best Galaxy S20 cases you can buy now. 

Gear4 Battersea

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best galaxy s20 cases

(Image credit: Gear4)

If you're looking for a case with a balance between design and usability, the Gear4 Battersea is one of the best Galaxy S20 cases you can buy.

The case comes with a slim design and provides drop protection at up to 16 feet. It has a soft-touch feel, but has a rough surface to reduce its chances of falling off a table. Best of all, it's anti-microbial and works with wireless chargers.

SkinIt Carbon Fiber

best galaxy s20 cases

(Image credit: SkinIt)

The Skinit Carbon Fiber is designed to not detract from your device's design, while still providing ample protection to keep you safe.

The case comes with an air-pocket design, so the corners of the handset are always protected when it's dropped. Skinit also promises protection from scratches and dust intrusion. Add that to a nice design and a great price, and the Skinit Carbon Fiber is a winner.

OtterBox Symmetry Series

best galaxy s20 cases

(Image credit: OtterBox)

OtterBox has been one of the biggest names in cases for years, and the company's Symmetry Series might be one of the best for Galaxy S20 owners.

The case comes with a raised beveled edge to protect your phone if it falls face down and thanks to its polycarbonate and synthetic rubber design, should keep it safe from falls and drops. Better yet, the case comes with support for PopSockets, so if you like the idea of using the PopSocket, you can integrate it into the case with ease.

Tech21 Evo Check

best galaxy s20 cases

(Image credit: Tech21)

If you're in the market for a super-slim case design, the Tech21 Evo Check might be the way to go.

One of the best Galaxy S20 cases, this add-on has an extremely thin design that hugs the sides of your Galaxy S20 without adding too much bulk. It also covers the buttons around the device, so you can keep those free from dust intrusion. The case is coated with an anti-germ layer, and despite its small size, can protect your phone at drops of up to 12 feet.

Mous Limitless 3.0

best galaxy s20 cases

(Image credit: Mous)

The Mous Limitless 3.0 case is all about giving you the flexibility you want to use a case with materials you care about.

Mous offers the Limitless 3.0 in fiber, bamboo, black leather, and walnut. Each case comes with a unique finish that you won't typically find elsewhere. And regardless of the finish you choose, the case will work just fine with wireless charging systems, so you don't need to take the phone out of the case to boost its battery.

On the protection front, the Mous Limitless 3.0 protects your screen with a beveled edge and can protect your entire device when you drop it. You can even store a second SIM in the case.

Speck Presidio Pro

best galaxy s20 cases

(Image credit: Speck)

If you're looking for a workhorse case that offers a nice balance between features and support, the Speck Presidio Pro is one of the best Galaxy S20 cases out there.

The case comes with a slim and simple design that suggests its core focus is to just get the job done and keep your phone safe. It achieves that by delivering an anti-microbial finish and 13-boot drop protection. And since it has a matte finish, it won't so easily slide off the table and damage your phone.

Samsung Smart LED View Cover

best galaxy s20 cases

(Image credit: Samsung)

If you'd prefer to go with the first-party case option for the Galaxy S20, look no further than the Samsung Smart LED View Cover.

Samsung's case has a folio design that completely envelops your phone. On the front flap that covers your screen, Samsung has bundled an LED array that tells you the time and can display a variety of notifications, so you can see what you might have missed when you weren't using the handset.

Urban Armor Gear Plasma

best galaxy s20 cases

(Image credit: Urban Armor)

There are times when you want the latest and greatest protection against any kind of damage to your phone. And in those instances, the Urban Armor Gear Plasma is one of the best Galaxy S20 cases for the job.

The Plasma is a fully rugged case, complete with military-grade protection that surrounds the entire handset and keeps it safe from falls, shock, debris intrusion, and much more. The case also envelops the buttons on the handset and delivers its own tactile keys, so you can easily use the phone while it's in the case.

Caseology Parallax

best galaxy s20 cases

(Image credit: Caseology)

The Caseology Parallax aims at delivering protection for Samsung's smartphone, while still remembering that style and functionality matter.

Caseology's case achieves that by offering a dual-layered 3D design available in a slew of color options to satisfy your aesthetic. And although it comes with military-grade protection and a grooved design for reducing chances of it slipping off the desk and being harmed, it comes with full support for wireless charging.

Arguably the Parallax's most appealing feature, however, might just be its price. At $25, it's one of the most affordable options in this roundup.

Spigen Tough Armor

best galaxy s20 cases

(Image credit: Spigen)

One of the best Galaxy S20 cases for those who want maximum protection, the Spigen Tough Armor case is designed to provide 360-degree protection for your phone.

The case comes with multiple protection layers and what the company calls "extreme impact foam" to safeguard your phone when you drop it. Indeed, Spigen is quick to point out that the case works at military-grade standards, so you shouldn't have any worry about it falling from tall heights. That said, be aware that because the case is designed for protection first, it's bulkier than many of the options in this roundup.

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