IKEA’s FÖRNUFTIG is a cheap option that unfortunately can’t do what better air purifiers can

IKEA FÖRNUFTIG in living room next to couch
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Tom's Guide Verdict

IKEA’s FÖRNUFTIG is a cheap option that unfortunately can’t do what better air purifiers can.


  • +


  • +

    Unobtrusive design

  • +

    Can be mounted on the wall


  • -

    Not a very good air purifier

  • -

    Only has three fan speeds

  • -

    Lacks many features

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Size: 18x12x4 inches
Weight: 5.86 pounds
Suggested Room Size:  141 square feet
Filters:  Particle Filter
CADR (smoke/dust/pollen): 90.7/79.9/86.4
Speeds: 3 speeds
Noise level (db): 34.8/53.7
Energy use: .134 kWh in 24 hours
Warranty: No

IKEA's FÖRNUFTIG is an odd, little air purifier that looks more like a couch cushion than an appliance. This budgetary system doesn’t have a lot of the same bells and whistles as its much more expensive counterparts and it lacks a lot of the same air cleaning capabilities. That’s why it didn’t make the cut as one of the best air purifiers

But, if you only want a lightweight and affordable air purifier with a traditional Swedish charm, then this unit could be a good fit, as you will see in our IKEA FÖRNUFTIG review. 

IKEA FÖRNUFTIG review: Price and availability

For only $69.99, IKEA’s FÖRNUFTIG is very affordable, and with replacement filters only costing $25.98, it’s cheap to upkeep as well. It can be purchased directly from IKEA as well as Amazon and it’s available in black and white colorways.

IKEA FÖRNUFTIG review: Design

As for looks, IKEA’s FÖRNUFTIG is kind of adorable. With a sleek white exterior and a gray padded screen, it blends in seamlessly with nearly any motif. Like with most IKEA furniture, you won’t notice it staring out in the middle of a room. If you’re not a fan of its appearance, the small stature of the device means it’s compact for storage in any case, so you can keep it out of sight.

IKEA FÖRNUFTIG on living room floor

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This air purifier is only four inches thick and 18 inches tall, with the added stand giving it an extra lift. It’s shaped like a slim brick with a protruding fabric handle, which allows you to carry it around like a bag. Since it’s a little under six pounds, moving it around is a lot easier than some of the other air purifiers out there. It’s the second lightest of the air purifiers we tested, right behind the BlueAir Pure 411 Auto — the weight isn’t even comparable to the Blueair HealthProtect 7470i behemoth which weighs over 27 pounds. Some air purifiers can be quite cumbersome and difficult to control, but IKEA’s offering skips all of that hassle. It’s only got three fan settings, with no auto mode, and a single particle filter layer.

IKEA FÖRNUFTIG review: Ease of use

Straight out of the box, you’ll notice the IKEA FÖRNUFTIG requires some assembly. The particle filter comes in a plastic bag and you’ll need to remove the magnetic cover to get at it. This air purifier also comes with a thin metal stand which you need to fit to keep it upright. But, keep in mind that if you touch the device at all while the stand is in place, it will rock back and forth until it loses momentum, so the stability is not great. You can also mount this air purifier on the wall, should you choose, and remove the handle to make it more streamlined. 

When the filter needs changing, there is a red indicator light that will alert users. When necessary, it is very easy to change — just remove the front panel via the velcro and replace the filter within. IKEA offers a HEPA filter which you can purchase separately, but this is not included as standard. 

Woman replacing IKEA FÖRNUFTIG filter

(Image credit: Ikea)

The controls are as simple as can be, with only one dial to select from three different fan speeds. We didn’t need to use the manual to figure that out.

IKEA FÖRNUFTIG review: Performance

Unfortunately, what causes IKEA FÖRNUFTIG to fall short is its actual performance as an air purifier. It has few settings compared to a lot of its contemporaries, with only three different fan speeds. In fact, there’s no auto setting, no night mode, no sensor that tracks air particles — just three simple fan speeds. 

IKEA FÖRNUFTIG settings knob

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There’s also just one filter involved in the air purification process. You can purchase this air purifier with an additional gas filter to improve things, but it will set you back another $16. IKEA conservatively suggests a room size of 85 to 105 square feet for this model, however, our CADR testing found that efficiency drops off at about 141 square feet. So it is slightly better than advertised, although this is still pretty low compared to others we’ve seen.

It received 90.7, 79.9, and 86.4 for dust, pollen and smoke in our CADR tests, which is a pretty abysmal score. Compared to similar-sized models, it just can’t keep up. The Coway Airmega AP-1512HH achieved over 230 CADR in every field, proving that there are better options for a higher price.

In terms of noise, it was pretty average. It barely registered above ambient room noise on the lowest setting. At its highest, it reached about 20 decibels above the room noise, which is comparable to other devices tested, so nothing shocking to report here.

It is very cheap to run, which is a plus. Over a 24-hour period, it only used .134 kWh on the second fan speed setting. Although, because it lacks an auto mode, it may be using more energy than necessary, which is worth considering.

IKEA FÖRNUFTIG review: Verdict

The IKEA FÖRNUFTIG just doesn’t compare to some of the best air purifiers. When set against our overall winner, the Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Auto, it falls short in nearly every field, from performance to design. Even when paired against our budget winner, the Blueair Blue Pure 411 Auto, it just couldn’t clean the air as efficiently. With only one filter and no auto settings, the IKEA FÖRNUFTIG lacks the power and features of the competition. 

IKEA is known for creating products with practicality in mind. However, the FÖRNUFTIG, unfortunately, is difficult to recommend. There are other air purifiers that can filter air more efficiently and productively, which is most likely what you are looking for. You are better off buying a more formidable (and expensive) unit. 

Hope Glendon

Hope Glendon is a chef and writer who reviews air purifiers for Tom's Guide. She used a number of models in her home for more than three months, evaluating their ease of use, noise levels, and how good they are at eliminating impurities from the air — which comes in very handy for her, as her kitchen is often in need of deodorizing after cooking any number of dishes. When she's not testing air purifiers, Hope works for some of New York City's most prestigious catering companies, and has carved out a niche in the world of high-end events. She's also available as a private chef for when an event needs a special touch.