New iPhone 16 leak just revealed camera changes and a new MagSafe charger

Alleged case molds of the iPhone 16
(Image credit: ShopSystem)

The train never stops for iPhone 16 leaks and the latest micro-leak showcases changes to the MagSafe charging ring in the upcoming device. The changes are detailed in what appear to be molds for Apple's next generation of iPhone.

A French case maker called ShopSystem leaked the mold images, which were then spotted by 9to5Mac. The molds confirm a potential camera layout for the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus and a slightly thinner MagSafe charging ring.

Apple introduced MagSafe to the iPhone 12, and it has changed the way we use our iPhones. So much so that we desperately need Apple to add MagSafe to the iPad. We're even excited about patents regarding the MagSafe. If Apple's rotating MagSafe patent ever becomes a reality, we'll be first in line to test it out.

That said, this mold leak seems to show that the MagSafe ring of magnets and coils in the iPhone 16 is getting thinner than the one featured in the iPhone 15.

According to ShopSystem's estimation, the thinner ring could reduce bulk and improve wireless charging. The firm also expressed concern that manufacturers will have to adapt products for these new MagSafe rings. However, that seems unlikely. Perhaps some third-party products won't have things exactly aligned, but they appear mainly to be in the same position on the molds.

iPhone 16 mold compared to iPhone 15 mold

(Image credit: ShopSystem)

Manufacturers will likely need to make changes to accommodate the new sizes that Apple is supposed to introduce with the iPhone 16, including the super-sized iPhone 16 Pro and the iPhone 16 Pro Max.

The molds also appear to confirm changes to the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus camera layout. Currently, the iPhone 15 features a square form factor with diagonal cameras.

The iPhone 16 is reportedly shifting to a smaller pill form with the two lenses stacked on top of one another. The flash has been moved to the right of the lenses. We’ve seen leaked images of iPhone 16 devices before, and these molds appear to legitimize those images.

The iPhone 16 Pro models appear to have the same layout as the iPhone 15 Pro devices. The difference between the 15 Pro and 16 Pro will be internal, with increased megapixels on the lenses.

The new stacked form factor could supposedly bring spatial video recording to the iPhone 16, but that remains to be seen.

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