Best Google Pixel 8a cases in 2024

Best Google Pixel 8a cases
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The Google Pixel 8a may not be Google’s most expensive phone, but you’ll still want one of the best Google Pixel 8a cases to keep it from harm. With Google extending software support for this phone to seven years, the Pixel 8a is designed to last, and the right case can keep things that way.

As we noted in our Pixel 8a review, Google’s $499 phone delivers a lot of value, particularly when it comes to the overall build of the phone. But that value could be diminished with every drop, scratch and scuff your phone picks up — not to mention the kind of substantial blows that can knock a handset out of commission.

Our top picks for the best Google Pixel 8a cases can help users who want to build on their phone’s durability without detracting from the distinctive look of Google’s handset.At a minimum, the cases on our list can reduce the risk of scratches and cracks; some even offer greater drop protection and/or an aesthetic upgrade to your phone. 

Best Google Pixel 8a cases right now

What to look for in the best Pixel 8a cases

When buying a case for your new Pixel 8a, ensure that you are purchasing a model made for your phone. Cases designed for other Pixel devices won’t be the right size or shape and will not fit your Pixel 8a snugly for optimal protection. (Even the Pixel 7a, while almost identical to the newer model, has slightly different dimensions, so you’ll want one of the best Pixel 7a cases for that particular phone.) 

We also recommend considering a few other factors when selecting a phone case, whether it’s for the Pixel 8a or some other device:

  • Drop protection: If you’re prone to dropping things, look for cases that promise drop protection of at least 4 feet. That’s how far most phones tumble when they fall out of your hand.
  • Price: The Pixel 8a cases on our list start at around $15 and max out around $70. There are cheaper and more expensive alternatives out there, but $15 to $45 will cover a range of features and designs. 
  • Extra features: The most basic cases provide the most basic protection, so if you want more from your Pixel 8a case, you may want to look at extras like magnetic accessory compatibility, waterproofing, or a pop-out kickstand.
  • Appearance: There are Pixel 8a cases for those who like lower profiles and neutral colors as well options for those who like to make a statement with their phones. Note that cases offering more protection — increased drop heights or waterproofing — are also often bulkier. 

How we pick the best Pixel 8a cases

To select the best Pixel 8a cases, we compared specific features based on the criteria listed above: drop protection, appearance, extra functionality, and price. We aimed to include a range of choices to fit user needs and preferences. 

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