Android 15 beta 3.1 is rolling out now — here's the key changes

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Beta software is never perfect — that’s the whole point of releasing it as a beta. And Android 15 has been no exception. Android 15 beta 3 started rolling out last month, taking the upgrade to the “Platform Stability” stage, but a few things still needed fixing, Hence the new release of Android 15 beta 3.1.

It’s not the biggest update Android 15 has gotten, especially since Platform Stability means there aren’t likely to be any more major features on the way. But that doesn’t mean this isn’t an important update, because Google has used beta 3.1 to fix some serious bugs that may be affecting a good number of people.

The biggest bug fix here is for a problem that caused the lock screen to erroneously prompt users to try and unlock the phone every time they touched the screen. Even if they were trying to do something that can be done while the phone is still locked. It may not be a security risk, but that’s the kind of problem that can really get on your nerves. 

The update should also fix an issue that caused biometric face unlock to fail on occasion, and other unnamed issues affecting system stability, connectivity and audio quality. So beta users should definitely install the new update as soon as they can.

Android 15 beta 3.1 has already started rolling out, and has appeared on my Pixel 8a. So if you have a device enrolled in the beta, especially a Pixel, head into the settings to get the update installed. If not, then Android will automatically install the update at some point in the next 4 days — so long as you’re not using your phone.

The update itself isn’t huge, at just shy of 64MB. However, phone updates can take a while to download and install, so you need to make sure your phone has enough power — and you are patient enough to let your phone do its thing in the background.

Google hasn’t confirmed when Android 15 will be released to the public. However since the next wave of Google Pixel phones is due to be announced on August 13, we can expect Android 15 to hit other Pixel phones around that time. If you’re unsure as to what the upgrade will involve, be sure to check our list of our favorite Android 15 features coming to your Android phone. 

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