Should you wait for Black Friday to buy a laptop?

Macbook Pro 16 vs. XPS 15
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Black Friday is normally the best time to save big on a number of items. We’re continuing to cover the best Black Friday deals, but one of the main things I’m most interested in is awesome laptop deals.

Laptops have become especially important items in recent years. This is because many of us have either begun working from home or engage in hybrid work between home and the office. Unlike the best computers, compact laptops allow you to work from almost anywhere. This makes them ideal computing devices for a wide range of folks.

As our best Black Friday laptop deals live blog shows, you can currently buy some solid notebooks at a reduced price. But is now the best time to purchase a laptop, or is it better to wait until Black Friday proper? Below, I’ll go over the reasons you should or shouldn’t wait for Black Friday to buy a laptop.

Why you shouldn't wait for Black Friday to buy a new laptop 

Like I said above, we’re already seeing some great laptop deals. While there's certainly a good chance we’ll see better sales during Black Friday, there’s also a chance you could potentially miss out on a current deal that may not pop up again. Also, laptop sales will surely expire faster during Black Friday because of the rush of buyers. It’s easier to jump on a sale now when things are comparatively calm.

Though better deals may arrive closer to Black Friday, you can save hundreds of dollars on a laptop right now. If you have a need for a new notebook or just want an upgrade, then you shouldn’t wait.

MacBook Pro 14 deal

At the time of writing, the MacBook Pro 14-inch is on sale for $400. With no guarantee we'll see this sale during Black Friday, now is the best time to get this laptop. (Image credit: Future)

This next point is a bit of a no-brainer, but if your current laptop is either malfunctioning or completely on the fritz, then you shouldn’t wait for Black Friday. With the frenzy of the day, you may not have a chance to get the laptop you truly desire before it sells out. That could potentially leave you without a notebook for even longer. If you absolutely need a new laptop right now, then don’t hesitate to take advantage of current deals.

Why you should wait for Black Friday to buy a new laptop 

We’re already seeing plenty of laptop deals from vendors like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and more. However, we’re likely to see the very deals happen on Black Friday proper. The immediate days before and after the big shopping day will also see the finest deals possible. Because of that, it’s best to wait for Black Friday to get a laptop.

The main caveat with waiting for Black Friday to buy anything is that items have a high degree of selling out. This requires you to be vigilant so that you don’t miss out on any potential deals. It can be disheartening to find a deal and add the item to your cart only for it to be sold out before checkout. However, if you’re able to snag what would otherwise be an expensive laptop, then all the trouble would have been worth it.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9

It's possible that new laptops like the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 could be discounted during Black Friday. (Image credit: Tom's Guide)

With that said, with so many online vendors selling discounted laptops on Black Friday, it will be nearly impossible not to find an awesome deal. In addition to the aforementioned third-party vendors, manufacturers like Dell, Microsoft, Apple and others will hold their own sales. If you can’t find a good deal from Amazon, then Dell’s online store is a solid alternative, for example. Options shouldn’t be an issue when hunting for a laptop deal, though it’s still wise to act fast when you see a great sale.

Lastly, it's very possible we could see some recently released laptops like the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 go on sale during Black Friday. After all, Amazon is selling the new MacBook Air M2 for $35 off its original price (at time of writing). Waiting for Black Friday could net you a 2022 laptop for less than the current asking price.

Should you wait for Black Friday to buy a laptop? 

As with most things shopping-related, answering this question comes down to personal choice.

If you need a laptop or simply don’t have the patience, then you should buy a laptop right now. There are plenty of deals to take advantage of. However, if you want the lowest potential prices possible, then it might be best to wait until Black Friday arrives. The chance to get a laptop released in 2022 on Black Friday is also higher. Both options have their pros and cons but will save you money regardless.

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