Xbox Series X gets another 120Hz game — free on Xbox Game Pass

Sea of Thieves
(Image credit: Microsoft)

If you've managed to buy an Xbox Series X, we have some good news: Sea of Thieves just received a performance mode update, and can now be played at 120 frames per second.

On Xbox Wire, Microsoft shed light on what to expect from the latest Sea of Thieves, and buried towards the bottom is how the game now supports 120fps at 1080p. That's welcome news for anyone with a high refresh monitor or TV.

The 120 fps mode can be accessed under the "Performance Mode" mode for Sea of Thieves. Just bear in mind you'll need a TV with support for a 120Hz refresh rate; these are getting mor e common but are far from prolific. 

Unfortunately, for gamers wanting to play in a native 4K, the Sea of Thieves will be locked to 60 fps. Regardless, both options should make for smooth sailing.

It's also worth noting  TVs might not support 120Hz and HDR simultaneously. If that's the case with your TV, you may need to manually go into your TV settings and disable HDR. But if you have a TV that can output quality HDR — with enough brightness and contrast — then we recommend sticking to 4K 60fps with HDR, as that will make for a more visually fulfilling experience.

Apart from the frame rate upgrade, fans can expect more swashbuckling with this year's season one update. There's a new trove of Lost Shipment voyages and 100 levels of rewards. Each time you earn an award, it'll unlock anything from gold and doubloons to cosmetics and ancient coins. 

Microsoft goes on to detail other smaller upgrades and time-limited events. For Sea of Thieves fans, we recommend watching the video below.

Sea of Thieves isn't the only last-generation Xbox game to see a major performance boost on Xbox Series X. Games like The Division 2 and Yakuza: Like a Dragon have seen specific next-gen upgrades. We expect more games to receive similar upgrades throughout 2021.

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