Windows 10 update has a super annoying pop-up — here's the fix

Windows 10
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A Windows 10 update has ushered in the return of the Bing pop-up, which no one wanted to see. Microsoft is still trotting out its search engine, trying to lure people into changing their browser settings, offering incentives like saving money via the Microsoft Rewards program.

The alerts doing the rounds are irksome, And while banishing the pop-ups doesn't seem to be an obvious option, there is a workaround (via WindowsLatest).   

You can dismiss the pop-ups when they ambush you, but that's a temporary fix, and we're here to make sure you don't see them again at all. To get rid of them permanently (or until the next update that brings them to the forefront again) you'll need to boot up Microsoft Edge

Bing ad pop-up

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Navigate to the URL bar and input "edge://flags". You'll be presented with a selection of 'experimental features'. To kill the Microsoft Bing pop-ups, find the 'Show feature and workflow recommendations' options in the list and choose to deactivate it.  

The pop-ups are particularly annoying as the less tech-savvy user might assume that their PC needs to be updated and start clicking through. It won't be until Bing has elbowed their first-choice browser out of the way that they'll notice anything is amiss. 

The alerts seemingly rolled out with the Microsoft Edge version 91 update, so be on the lookout and be sure to nip them in the bud as soon as they start appearing.   

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