The Minitailz AI smart collar can track your pet’s heart rate, breathing, location and more

Invoxia Minitaliz AI pet tracker.
(Image credit: Invoxia)

CES always features a fair share of pet tech. And this year's CES 2024 is no different. So far, the standout product is the new Invoxia Minitaliz AI smart collar for monitoring pet heart health, location, activity, appetite and more. 

It’s supposedly small enough to be worn by little dogs and cats and attaches to just about any collar. Priced at $99 and available now, here’s everything you need to know about the Minitaliz AI smart collar.

Minitailz AI smart collar: Preventive care features 

With a focus on real-time health monitoring and preventative care, Invoxia says that regular heart and breathing scans using the Minitailz AI collar can help detect early signs of heart disease in pets. Over time, the device gets a sense of resting heart and respiratory rates, as well as your pet's distinct heart signature. If any sudden changes are observed, users will receive an alert. 

The device also looks out for signs of irregular heartbeats in pets, which could indicate atrial fibrillation (AFib), a rather serious and potentially deadly condition. 

Minitailz AI smart collar: Location and fitness tracking

Invoxia Minitaliz AI pet tracker.

The Minitailz AI collar is an update to last year’s Smart Dog Collar with more health monitoring features and in a smaller package.  (Image credit: Invoxia)

For a comprehensive look at daily fitness, the Minitailz AI collar’s activity detection logs events like zoomies and playtime, as well as outdoor activities like long walks and romps at the dog park. It also tracks sleep patterns, barking and more. Collectively, all of these data points are used to create a daily wellness report that’s viewable within the companion app.

The Minitailz AI smart collar sports an onboard GPS, WiFi and LTE-M antennas for location and activity tracking. The latter requires a SIM card and a monthly subscription, which will run you $8.30. However, this combination of tracking technology should mean exceptionally accurate real-time location pinpointing. If your dog or cat has ever been on the loose, you know how important it is. 

Battery life and durability 

The Minitailz is powered by a (non-replaceable) rechargeable battery that should last between 10 and 14 days per charge. An IP67 water and dust resistance rating translates to rainproof but not submersible. So, take it off before Biscuit takes a jump into the neighbor’s pool. 

Minitailz AI smart collar: Outlook

With AI-in-everything being the unofficial theme of the CES 2024 show, an AI-powered pet health and location tracker makes sense. More importantly, Invoxia's AI integration, used for health analyzing pet health data, does not seem like a gimmick. The subscription price is also not too bad, especially if location tracking is as accurate as promised. 

Ultimately, we are big fans of any new product that leverages the latest technology to improve the lives of humans or pets. With that in mind, we look forward to getting a Minitailz AI smart collar in, attaching it to our favorite pup and putting it to the test. 

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