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When does the The Mandalorian episode 6 release on Disney Plus?

(Image credit: Lucasfilm)

We're 5 episodes into The Mandalorian, and Disney keeps making the same weird decision. For as much as the company has audiences on the hook for the next adventures of Mando and The Child, episode 5 still ended without a note about The Mandalorian's episode 6 release date.

Fortunately, we're staying abreast on all Disney Plus news, and can tell you that  the next chapter of The Mandalorian arrives on Friday, Dec. 13. Hope that doesn't mean episode 6 is an unlucky ride for our heroes.

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Most episodes, save for the premiere that launched on the Tuesday when Disney Plus arrives, have dropped on Fridays, before we wake up on the east coast. Episode 7 of The Mandalorian, however, will release on Wednesday, Dec. 18. It includes an exclusive sneak peek at Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker, which arrives on the following Friday (the 20th). That film's release date is the likely culprit for why the 7th episode arrives on an irregular day.

Around the office, we've been scratching our heads for the reason why Disney doesn't tell you when to expect the next tasty morsels of its shows. Apple also neglects to do this for shows on Apple TV Plus. Maybe these companies want us to keep visiting their apps and wind up watching their other shows while we wait.

Thanks to a Disney press release published by Star Wars News Net, we know the entire release schedule for this 8-episode show. 

The Mandalorian release schedule

  • Episode 6: Friday, Dec. 13, 2019 
  • Episode 7: Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2019 
  • Episode 8: Friday, Dec. 27, 2019

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