The first smart mosquito repellent system for your home has arrived — here’s how it works

Liv Smart Mosquito Repellent System
(Image credit: Thermacell)

When it comes to battling mosquitos, Thermacell has decided there’s strength in the numbers. Best known for making portable bug repellent systems that create circles of protection within a specific area and spare you from having to spray yourself down, the company has created a smart home device that spreads that protection across a wider area.

This smart mosquito repellent system is known as Liv, and it sports some pretty nifty technology to provide you with massive coverage space incorporating smart features that are standard with connected smart home devices these days.

Available for a starting price of $699, the Liv Smart Mosquito Repellent System features a smart hub that can connect to multiple bug repelling units. You pick a pack depending on how much space you want covered.

The entry-level kit includes three repellents covering up to 945 square feet, but four repellent kits ($799) and five repellent kits ($899) can cover up to 1,260 and 1,575 square feet respectively. It’s certainly not the cheapest way to keep mosquitos at bay, when a can of bug spray costs less than $10, but Liv promises to be more efficient.

Liv is a wired system, which makes it slightly less portable than some users might prefer, though Thermacell promises that all of the devices are weatherproof and won't require any disassembly from year to year. The good news, though, is that no one will really need to put a lot of effort into setup when they're ready to head outside, as the Liv Plus mobile app allows for monitoring of repellent levels, scheduling, and plenty more. The hub can even be turned off and on via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa smart assistants.

Liv Smart Mosquito Repellent System

(Image credit: Thermacell)

As for how the devices work, Liv uses cartridges that emit an odorless fog for up to 20 feet, using an active ingredient of 5.5 percent metofluthrin, an EPA-registered synthetic molecule based on the natural repellent that comes from chrysanthemum flowers. The cartridges are designed to last for about 40 hours of use each, and six-pack refills can be purchased for $120.

That might make Liv too pricey for some people looking to enjoy a bug-free summer evening, but Liv seems like it could be a solid option if you want to pay up for a long-term solution to repel everyone's least favorite blood-suckers.

The Liv Smart Mosquito Repellent System is now available to order.

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