The Bachelorette spoilers: Did Katie Thurston reveal her winner?

The Bachelorette spoilers Katie Thurston
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Who gets the final rose from Katie Thurston? The Bachelorette spoilers may reveal season 17's winner before the first episode even premieres tonight. And the spoiler may have been dropped by The Bachelorette 2021 herself! However, Bachelor spoiler king Reality Steve has a different take on the rumors that are flying around.

Those rumors began several weeks ago when Thurston posted an Instagram photo tagged at the restaurant Duke's La Jolla in San Diego. The Bachelorette lead had a fun trip with friends, including fellow contestants from Matt James' season of The Bachelor. No big deal ... except fans dug up a connection between the restaurant and one of season 17's cast members.

A Redditor discovered that contestant John Hersey lists himself on LinkedIn as a bartender at Duke's La Jolla. That, coupled with Reality Steve's previous report that Hersey made Thurston's final four, indicated Thurston was visiting her final rose winner (and possible fiancé) on the sly and under the cover of a trip with friends. 

However, Reality Steve Carbone is now reporting that Hersey isn't Thurston's winner. He has also learned that Hersey didn't even make it to the final four, contradicting his previous spoiler. 

"There’s nothing to it," Carbone writes. "Why? Because I’ve learned that I was wrong about John making final 4. He didn’t. He didn’t even make Top 8."

Carbone also notes that Thurston is very savvy when it comes to social media and she not likely to "accidentally" spoil something as big as the winner of her season.

"I never thought she’d be that stupid to 1) visit his place of work and 2) visit his place of work WITH friends from the franchise. She’s too smart for that," Carbone says.

Thurston also joked about the potential spoiler. On a different Instagram post from her San Diego trip, a fan wrote, "OMG is you moving to San Diego a teaser for your Bach pick?!" The Bachelorette replied, "hahah naaah I’m not that messy."

Thurston really didn't confirm or totally deny the rumors, though, which just goes to show that she really is good at playing the Bachelorette spoilers game.

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