TCL X9 8K mini-LED TV unveiled with Google TV: price, specs and features

TCL X9 8K Google TV
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TCL has announced the new premium TCL X9 85-inch 8K OD Zero Mini-LED TV (X925PRO), which is shaping up to be TCL's most premium TV yet. This comes after the company's announcement of its first TCL Google TVs.

From killer features like an integrated multi-function stand and built-in webcam for video calls to the deep bench of Google TV features and killer 8K picture with mini-LED backlighting, the TCL X9 85-inch 8K Google TV is shaping up to be the best TV TCL has ever made.

Here's what we know so far about the TCL X9 85-inch 8K OD Zero Mini-LED TV (X925PRO).

What is the TCL X9 Google TV?

TCL X9 8K Google TV

(Image credit: TCL)

The 85-inch 8k Google TV is part of TCL's X9 series, a range of premium TVs previously sold only in non-US markets, such as Europe and Australia. Formally named the TCL X9 85-inch 8K OD Zero Mini-LED TV (X925PRO), it's the top-of-the-line model from the X9 series, but it appears to be the only X9 model that's going to be sold in the States.

Also referred to as the X9 Pro, The 8K Google TV goes above and beyond anything that TCL is done before, with a refined version of any LED backlighting, paired with TCL's QLED enhancements and 8K resolution. To this it adds a stunning sleek design that's the thinnest TCL has ever made, and features extras like an integrated stand, built-in webcam and huge multi-speaker array that should offer impressive audio.

TCL X9 Google TV price and availability

TCL X9 8K Google TV

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The 85-inch 8K X9 Google TV Will sell for $9,999.99. That is the most expensive TCL model available in the United States, but the price is not entirely unreasonable. Top 4K models from our best 85-inch TVs page include sets that range from $1,799 for the 85-inch TCL 4-Series Roku TV (also from the TCL XL Collection) up to $4,999 for the 85-inch Samsung Neo QLED QN90A, our current top pick for premium 4K sets. 

And 8K models routinely sell for much more. Other premium 8K models range from the almost-budget-friendly 85-inch Samsung QN800A Neo QLED 8K set that originally listed at $6,499 to the 88-inch LG Signature ZX OLED, which sells for $29,999.

TCL hasn't announced a launch date for the X9, stating in a press release that it "will be available in North America later this year" but that it will be selling in global markets first.

TCL X9 Google TV design

TCL X9 8K Google TV

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The most stunning thing about the TCL X9 may not be the 8K picture or incredible mini-LED backlight, but the physical design of the TV itself. It's the slimmest model TCL has ever made, thanks to the thinness afforded by the new OD Zero backlight, but it doesn't stop there.

The screen is surrounded by barely-there bezels, with edge-to-edge glass. The TV chassis is a combination of brushed anodized aluminum and glossy piano black finishes. But the real stunner is the TV's integrated stand. With a swivelling design that can be configured as a floor stand, table-top stand or even a wall mount, it's ready for any setup.

And it comes with an Onkyo soundbar that promises immersive 3D sound, and sports the same brushed metal finish as the TV chassis.

TCL X9 Google TV specs and features

TCL X9 8K Google TV

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In addition to the usual features, the TCL X9 Google TV has some unique features too. An array of built-in microphones allows hands-free use, letting you use the Google TV as a giant Google-powered smart speaker.

But it also features a giant soundbar, which contains a 25-driver speaker array that offers object-based sound with 5.1.2 channel audio.

TCL X9 8K Google TV

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The TV itself boasts four HDMI ports, including one with eARC and two HDMI 2.1 ports for full 8K media and gaming at 60Hz. That connectivity compliments the gaming support, which includes standard HDMI 2.1 features like variable refresh rate (VRR) and auto low-latency mode (ALLM) which TCL calls Auto Game Mode.

The X9 also features a pop-up webcam, which can be used for video chats using Google Duo. When not in use, the webcam is stored inside the chassis of the TV, eliminating concerns about unwanted eyes peering in through an unused webcam. Once you end a Google Duo video call, the webcam automatically lowers down into the TV chassis.

What is the TCL XL Collection?

The X9 Google TV is part of the TCL XL Collection, a trio of extra-large TVs that includes 85-inch models with both 4K and now 8K resolution.

With 85-inch models in the affordable TCL 4-Series, the mid-range TCL 6-Series, and now the premium X9 Google TV series, the TCL XL collection offers the biggest screens TCL makes, across the full range of options – 4K and 8K resolutions, price is ranging from low to high, and smart options from both Roku and Google.

What is OD Zero?

After initially introducing their first mini LED TV in 2019, TCL has been working to refine the technology. The third generation version of mini LED is being called OD Zero, a name which directly references what makes this new version special – it has virtually zero gap between the mini-LED backlighting and the display panel, eliminating the parallax issues that older mini-LED TVs experienced.

This new version of mini-LED improves upon a technology that was already great. Mini-LED backlighting uses specialized LEDs that measure just 0.008-inch across, and can be used to give an 85-inch TV thousands of individual backlighting zones, allowing the tightest brightness and dimming control you'll get without OLED.

Removing any gap between these smaller LEDs and the display panel also means that TCL can make TVs thinner. While not as thin as OLED panels, which can be printed on glass and need no backlight, mini-LED TVs do offer the possibility of TVs measuring less than an inch thick.

What is Google TV?

The X9 8K TV is also part of TCL's growing collection of Google TV models, which use Google's latest smart TV software. Built upon the foundation of Android TV, Google TV offers a more content focused experience, with a revamped interface, personalized content recommendations, and The ability to add movies and shows to your personal watch list from your phone or laptop, creating a more seamless experience for Google users.

Google TV also features deeper smart home integration, with the ability to monitor cameras from connected doorbells and home security cams, Google Assistant voice interaction that lets you use TV as a smart speaker to control all manner of gadgets, and parental controls that give moms and dads better tools for managing TV time.

(To learn more about TCl's move to Google TVs, check out TCL Google TVs just put Roku and Fire TV on notice — here’s why.) 

TCL X9 Google TV outlook

All told, the TCL X9 8K Google TV is shaping up to be the best TCL TV ever sold in the U.S., bringing to bear TCL's most advanced technologies, the latest smart TV capabilities from Google, and the combination of 85-inch screen size and 8K resolution that should leave early adopters and TV enthusiasts salivating.

We'll be on the lookout for more details about the TCL X9 8K Google TV, including a review if the opportunity presents itself. Keep an eye on this page for new details and rumors.

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