Stunning Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra concept looks like the next Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra front and back concept
(Image credit: Technizo Concept/Let's Go Digital)

When the Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup debuts next year, the Galaxy S22 Ultra could be the replacement for the Galaxy Note line.

We've already seen rumors that the S22 Ultra will have an integrated stylus, so you wouldn't have to buy the S Pen separately. And now a new set of renders shows how the design could look, complete with a flatter edge aesthetic and new camera layout.

The design, created by Parvez Khan of Technizo Concept and shared by Dutch blog Let's Go Digital, features the same number of lenses and sensors that rumors have suggested for the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Only in this case, the designer has opted for two separate camera islands, with the laser AF sensor and second telephoto lens off on their own separate strip.

It's a much more minimal look than the P-shaped block seen in other Galaxy S22 renders. And, frankly, I think it's a lot more in line with what Samsung pulled off with the Galaxy S21 lineup.

One of the design highlights of the S21 was the phone's contour-cut design where the camera array blended into the side of the phone. That made the array feel much more seamless and incorporated into the phone's overall look. A P-shaped island would undo that effort, while the separate strips in the Technizo Concept design look a little less jarring.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra concept design from Technizo Concept

(Image credit: Technizo Concept/Let's Go Digital)

There's another consideration in favor of that approach, Let's Go Digital reports — it would also keep the weight down on the Galaxy S22 Ultra. That's not an insignificant consideration given that the S21 Ultra tipped the scales at a hefty 8.08 ounces, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra may have to make room for an included S Pen — another rumor associated with the upcoming flagship.

That S Pen holster is on display in the Technizo Concept video, as is another rumored feature reportedly coming to the Galaxy S22 lineup — an under-display camera on the front of the phone. The under-display camera on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 underwhelmed, and there's been some debate as to whether Samsung will go this route with the S22 series. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra concept with S Pen red color

(Image credit: Future)

As for the rear Galaxy S22 Ultra cameras, rumors point to an improved version of the 108MP main camera found in the Galaxy S21 Ultra (and not a 200MP sensor as had been previously rumored). There's no word on potential improvements to the S21 Ultra's 12MP ultrawide angle shooter or its pair of 10MP telephoto lenses (one with a 3x zoom, the other with a 10x zoom). Samsung is reportedly focusing on software improvements for the S22 cameras, highlighted by a continuous zoom feature that reduces the need for digital adjustments.

Ultimately, we're still waiting on a more official word on what the Galaxy S22 Ultra will look like in advance of its release next year. Neither the p-shaped camera module nor Technizo Concept's separate island approaches are nailed on to be the look of Samsung's next flagship. But if it did come down to those two designs, we know which one we'd want.

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