Samsung's new Bot Handy robot is a bit creepy — but we still want it

Samsung Bot Handy
(Image credit: Samsung)

While the robots from Pixar’s "WALL-E" seem like a distant future, Samsung has gotten things underway by announcing its brand new home assistant robot, Bot Handy, as part of a new robotics lineup at CES 2021.

While the Samsung Bot Handy is still in development, it certainly is curious in its futuristic and arguably creepy features. The bot is designed to rely on advanced AI technology to make chores easier. Not only does it recognize and move objects of various shapes and sizes, but it can also differentiate materials in order to determine the right amount of force needed when moving items. And in case you were wondering, yes, it can also help load the dishwasher, pick up laundry and pour a well-deserved glass of wine. 

Sebastian Seung, president of Samsung Research, described Bot Handy as “an extension of you in the kitchen, living room, and anywhere else you may need an extra hand in your home.”

The Bot Handy’s sleek design is certainly attention-grabbing. In a way, the robot resembles the PS5, with its tall black-and-white design. The Samsung Bot Handy can pivot its arm using three joints that allow it to grab objects with its clamp-like hand. It also has cameras attached to the top of its body that help determine its movement path. Unlike humans, the Bot Handy can easily raise itself higher to reach objects from top shelves. 

All-in-all, the Bot Handy’s features leave us a bit creeped out. Although, with its two adorable digital eyes that can change expressions, it’s impossible to resist admiring the futuristic creation. 

Samsung Bot Care (left) and Samsung Bot Handy (right)

(Image credit: Samsung)

Alongside Bot Handy, Samsung also made more AI announcements:

  • JetBot 90 AI+: a new vacuum cleaner with LiDAR and 3D sensors and object recognition technology that identify the best cleaning path
  • Samsung Bot Care: a robotic assistant that is designed to help make your work from home life easier by alerting you of your scheduled appointments while acting as a companion that reminds you to do your daily stretches.

Whether Samsung's new robot announcements are a precursor to an eventual mass laziness like in "WALL-E," however, remains to be seen. A release date for Bot Handy was not announced.

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