5 biggest LG CES 2021 announcements: OLED Evo, portable air purifiers and first rollable phone

LG TV lineup 2021
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LG's CES 2021 keynote has come and gone, leaving us with a good sense of what to expect from the Seoul-based company this year. From stunning new OLED TVs and a quantum dot-Nanocell hybrid to long-lasting laptops and portable air-purifiers, LG's new product lineup is lengthy. The company even teased a rollable phone.

Rather than sift through the dozens of LG CES announcements yourself, we've gathered the top headlines for you below. Keep in mind that LG hasn't announced price and availability information for its 2021 devices yet, so bookmark Tom's Guide for the latest news on LG TVs, laptops and more. 

LG face mask

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1. Wearable and portable air purifiers for all

Although LG has teased the LG PuriCare Wearable Purifier before, at CES it emphasized the benefits of portable air purifiers. The Wearable Purifier uses technology similar to the brand's larger home air purifiers, with fans and filters enclosing the face mask-shaped device. It secures around your ears and covers the nose and chin area. 

In addition to the Wearable Purifier, LG announced a portable air purifier that fits inside a car's cup holder. The compact device lets you clean the air wherever you go. Devices like LG's might not rid the planet of germs and virus particles, but it could help those living with compromised immune systems or other conditions that pose a health risk.

LG OLED 2021

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2. LG's flagship OLEDs get new tech, larger screen sizes

LG's OLED technology has earned the company the top spot on our best TVs list several years running. Now, the newest G1 series looks to maintain that title with a new kind of OLED panel called OLED evo.

According to LG, OLED evo is an evolution of its renowned OLED technology that promises improved luminosity for brighter and punchier images. OLED evo should double down on LG's commitment to clear and accurate picture.

Again, OLED evo is coming to the new LG G1 series. Meanwhile, the fan-favorite LG C1 series is getting a new screen size that makes sense for the increase in demand for big TVs.  The C1 ranges from a compact 48-inch version to a massive 83-inch model that's perfect for home movie nights.

Both sets get LG's latest α9 Gen 4 AI chip, as well as of LG’s AI Sound Pro, which provides virtual 5.1.2 surround sound and an Auto Volume Leveling feature for maintaining consistent volume levels when switching between content. Of course, the G1 and C1 will have the webOS 6.0 smart TV platform.


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3. LG goes MiniLED with QNED

LG is joining the MiniLED TV trend with some models of its own. At CES it showed off its lineup of 4K 8K QNED TVs, which offer a technology hybrid of quantum dot and Nanocell. 

These TVs feature a new panel structure enhanced by MiniLED backlighting. That's expected to provide better contrast and deeper blacks than what you've seen from recent LCD screens. LG says the QNED panel offers more precision that any of LG's other LCD TVs.

With its MiniLED technology, LG uses up to nearly 30,000 tiny LEDs to navigate picture and support color accuracy. When it comes to larger screens, details needs to be smaller and more refined, so the individual LEDs should perform best on the 86-inch model.

LG rollable phone

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4. LG teases rollable phone

LG has been working on a rollable smartphone — or a smartphone with a rollable screen, if you'd rather — for some time now. During the company's CES press conference, it teased a handheld device that morphs from phone to tablet in a rolling motion.

Although LG hasn't released information about its rollable phone, it showed off what it could look like in someone's hands at the end of its annual press conference. You can't tell much about specs or functionality from the teaser, but it does give us our best look yet at the long-rumored phone.

LG Gram 2021

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5. Introducing new, long-lasting Gram laptops

LG's Gram laptop lineup received a full facelift for 2021, including five total new models. The Gram 17, Gram 16, Gram 14 and 2-in-1 versions of the two smaller options are arriving later this year.

The current LG Gram 17 is one of the best laptops right now, but the new version introduces clever upgrades that should make it stronger in terms of productivity and performance.

In addition to 16:10 aspect ratio screen, LG's laptop keyboard and touchpad have grown for comfort and efficiency. The best part? These adjustments don't take a toll on weight: The LG Gram 17 weighs 2.98lbs, while the Gram 16 and 14 measure just 2.62lbs and 2.2lbs, respectively. Thin bezels and a hidden hinge design provide a  screen-to-body ratio (STBR) of 90%.

LG claims the 80Wh battery inside the Gram 17 and Gram 16 provides up to 19.5 hours of battery life. If that's true, LG's laptops would be among the longest-lasting laptops to date.

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