Samsung TVs just got a major accessibility upgrade — what you need to know

Samsung SeeColors
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Accessibility features are an important part of choosing the best TV for you and some Samsung TVs and computer monitors just got a serious accessibility upgrade.

Samsung has announced that SeeColors mode will be added to its 2023 TV and monitor lineup. Specifically, the feature will be added to Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs, QLED TVs and OLED TVs, as well as its smart monitors. SeeColors will also be available on the Samsung G95SC gaming monitor. This announcement was made after the organization TÜV Rheinland awarded Samsung a “Color Vision Accessibility” certification for its SeeColors feature.

Samsung SeeColors

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SeeColors is aimed at those with color blindness or other color-related vision impairments. It offers viewers nine presets that change the red, green and blue levels to ensure that users with these vision impairments can differentiate between colors no matter what they're watching.

This isn’t the first accessibility feature aimed at those suffering from colorblindness that we’ve seen in recent weeks either. A recent deep dive into the Android TV OS 14 beta showed that Google seems to be working on its own Color correction accessibility feature to allow those with color vision deficiencies to better view TV shows and movies on Google TV or Android TV. 

Similar to SeeColors, this feature would offer users picture presets that correct colors to ensure those with color blindness or similar issues can view colors distinctly. However, Google’s possible feature has the presets sorted by the type of color blindness that one is suffering from. The three presets are Deuteranomaly (red-green), Protanomaly (red-green) or Tritanomaly (blue-yellow). There is also a Grayscale option.

Android TV 14 beta features

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SeeColors has been around as a separate application for some time now — since 2017. But now, the accessibility feature will be available directly from the accessibility menu on eligible TVs and monitors. All you need to do is download a software update on your eligible TV or monitor. 

Samsung has not said when the software update will be available, but the indication is that it will be available soon if it isn't already. Hopefully, this feature will be available in the accessibility menu by default on future Samsung TVs and monitors. 

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