Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra camera upgrades just announced — here's what's improved

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra camera close up
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The already impressive cameras on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra figure to get an additional boost from a coming software update aimed at optimizing the picture-taking experience for the best Samsung phone out there right now.

The changes appear to only be available in South Korea, at the moment, but our sister publication TechRadar expects other regions will soon get the update as well.

When the update does come, here's a look at the improvements headed to your Galaxy S22 Ultra, based on a post by the phone giant in a Samsung community forum.

Portrait mode improvements: Samsung is promising to bolster the performance of Portrait mode, which already received a lot of attention with the initial Galaxy S22 release. Specifically, the Galaxy S22 Ultra debuted with an AI Stereo Depth Map aimed at better separating your subject from the background.

That certainly helps the S22 Ultra take fine shots in portrait mode, though when we tested the S22 in a portrait mode face-off against the iPhone 13 and Pixel 6, Samsung's phone ended up trailing those models. We imagine the software fixes Samsung is rolling out should improve things.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra camera zoom

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White balance changes: One interesting update is that the auto white balance algorithm for the camera is being improved. Samsung's post promises more accurate whites as a result of the fix, specifically citing animal shots as an example.

Single Take bug fix: With Single Take, the Galaxy S22 Ultra can take multiple shots with its various cameras, helping you find the best one. The software update fixes a bug where occasionally the camera would stop while shooting in single take mode.

Other changes: In addition to the above fixes, Samsung says that users should expect improved contrast and more natural-feeling sharpness in their photos. Videographers get a small quality of life update as well, with optimized video recording coming in this software update.

How does the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra camera stack up? 

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro Max

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The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra brought a number of small updates and enhancements compared to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The main camera has a larger sensor, which lets in more light when taking photos. Additionally, low-light photography took a noticeable step forward versus previous generations.

Currently, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra sits at number four on our list of best camera phones, though it is the best camera phone from Samsung. We'll keep an eye peeled for when this software update reaches markets like the U.K., and U.S. and how much improvement the changes bring.

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