PS5 price potentially revealed, and it's not pretty

Sony PS4 Pro Console
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Sony hasn’t decided the price of its upcoming PS5 console yet, but it’s looking like it’s got a battle on its hands if it wants to keep the price low.

A report by Bloomberg, based on sources within Sony, claims that the PS5 will see an increased cost compared to the PS4 due to the expense of using DRAM and flash memory. These important components are in short supply due to their popularity among smartphone makers, including Samsung and its new Galaxy S20 series.

Damian Thong, analyst for Macquarie Capital, estimates that the final price for the PS5 will be around $470. That's $70 more than the most expensive current PlayStation, the $400 PS4 Pro.

A part of the PlayStation 4’s early success against the Xbox One can be put down to the price difference at launch, with the PS4 costing $399 and the Xbox costing $499. Sony will apparently be watching Microsoft closely to see what it sets the price of the Xbox Series X at, although that information will likely not be made public for another few months, potentially as late as E3 2020 in June.

The sources have some more positive news however. Since Sony’s plan is to release many PS5 games on the PS4 as well, players will be able to access the same titles on their older hardware. Also helping out gamers low on cash will be the updated PlayStation Now subscription service, which may help Sony keep the price of the console lower due to the consistent income from the subscription fee.

Finally, Bloomberg’s sources also confirmed rumors that Sony will release a new version of the PlayStation VR headset after the console’s launch.

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  • PocketD
    I am actually ok with the price being a little bit higher if the performance is going to be up there.
  • Brad_Matthews
    It's been almost 7 years since the launch of the PS4. All things considered, inclusing inflation, I think an additional $70-100 is OK. Have you seen the cost of concert tickets in the past year? They've practically tripled since the release of the PS4. Seriously, if you bought the PS4 at launch AT $399.99, then it's basically cost you less than $00.20 USD/per day. Tell me anything in that price range that's in your home and brings that much enjoyment for that many years at $.20/day. I'll wait here.
  • dylamooski
    It has been nearly 7 years since the release of the PS4, and this new and improved spec sheet is beyond anything a console could do in the past. I think a $70-$100 is 100% justified. $500 for a console of this power that will last you that long in my mind is completely realistic. I am a PC gamer myself and came from both Xbox one and Ps4 to PC spending nearly $2500 for a great computer. From my eyes seeing these new specifications going it to the next Gen consoles makes me quite happy for all console gamers, they can now get a taste of pc performance at a lower price point.