PS5 event tipped for August 6 — and Xbox Series X could be in trouble

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The next PS5 event may be right around the corner, according to a leaker with credibility. And there's a lot it could offer us, including the PS5 pre-order date reveal and the console's price, which could be tucked in right at the end, like how the hardware reveal happened after all the gameplay footage at the last event.

We're willing to trust this leak, as it comes from Robert Serrano, who revealed the June PS5 Future of Gaming event date before it was official.

Serrano told gamers to mark Thursday, August 6 — two weeks from tomorrow — in our calendars, at 1 p.m. PT (4 p.m. ET and 9 p.m. BST). While he doesn't explain what the event will focus on, rumors of a gaming-focused event to feature more first-party and third-party titles have floated around since earlier this month.

Here at Tom's Guide, we're plenty excited to see more of Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Horizon: Forbidden West, and get a little more detail about the former, considering all the confusion about whether or not it's a standalone game.

All prospective PS5 owners are likely just as interested in what games will actually come out during the Holiday 2020 season.

At the same time, plans could change and we're not going to run with Serrano's claim as fact until Sony itself confirms the event's existence.

Microsoft is holding its biggest Xbox Series X event yet tomorrow (July 23) with the Xbox Games Showcase, which will be a one-hour show focused on major titles such as Halo Infinite. If Xbox makes a big splash with the showcase, an August PS5 event could be the perfect way for Sony to gain its momentum back.

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  • docRhino
    Why does every article about the PS5 have to mention Xbox being in "trouble". They are their own brand, with their own goals and a lot of us still want one. Plus the article basically calls out the PS5 shortages which may lead many over to Xbox as it could be a more obtainable next gen console. Just pure clickbait.
  • russell_john
    I fail to see how the Click Bait headline matches the actual content of the story ..... Xbox could be in trouble because there is going to be a PS5 event two week later????