OnePlus Open just got a new update that brings major improvements

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With the deadline for the OnePlus 12 fast approaching, fans of OnePlus' other models may have thought they wouldn't see another update for a while. However, it seems that one is in the works for the OnePlus Open, although it might not be what some owners want.

One of the common complaints about the OnePlus Open was that it was released with Android 13 instead of the more recent Android 14. This left many purchasers waiting to see what the future might hold. Recently, a post on OnePlus Open: The Chatroom has revealed an upcoming update, but it isn't Android 14.  

oneplus open chat update CPH2551

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The update, which is given the official title CPH2551_13.2.0.203(EX01), is based on the Oxygen OS 13.2 update. It offers several apparent software updates to improve the usability of the phone as well as the December 2023 Android Security Updates.

Firstly it will supposedly improve the system stability and the touch control algorithm for a better user experience. While we didn't find many issues with the touch control in our review, it is always an aspect that can vary depending on the user. 

The update will also reportedly reduce power consumption when the device is idle and while certain apps are in use. This would be a great addition to any phone, but it is also interesting as we found the battery life in the OnePlus Open was already very good. We found in our review that the OnePlus Open had the best overall battery life of any foldable phone, including the Pixel Fold, so any improvement to that would be a major positive. 

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There are also a few camera improvements in the update. It will apparently fix a shutter lag issue that has been reported to happen when the nightscape toggle is turned off. It also reportedly fixes an issue where the Retouch, Filters, Resolution and Flash functions were not responding to taps. 

Finally, the update fixes an issue where the main screen might get stuck when you turn on dual preview and then try to take a selfie using the rear camera. The last thing the update will reportedly do is to improve the overall network stability and compatibility.  

While this is not the Android 14 update a lot of users were looking for there is plenty here to help improve the OnePlus Open user experience. The bug fixes and security updates may not be very in-your-face improvements, but they're important. Hopefully, we will know more about Android 14 for the OnePlus Open in the new year.

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