Forget OnePlus Nord N10 — OnePlus Nord SE is coming with this killer upgrade

OnePlus Nord 2 rumors
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Cheaper phones have now become an integral part of OnePlus’ strategy, for better or worse, with three OnePlus Nord devices hitting the streets this year. But it sounds like things won’t stop there.

A new report tells us OnePlus will be selling a OnePlus Nord SE in early 2021, complete with the same fast 65W charging that launched on the OnePlus 8T.

Android Central spoke to inside sources about this phone, which is codenamed “Ebba,” and is said to be an upgraded version of the original OnePlus Nord. 

One of those upgrades is the inclusion of 65W charging, which should recharge the Nord SE’s 4,500 mAh battery in under 40 minutes. Since our testing found the 4,500 mAh OnePlus 8T recharged back to 93 percent in 30 minutes, that goal sounds more than achievable. The Nord SE is also said to come with an AMOLED display like the original Nord, rather than the cheaper LCD displays used by the Nord N10 and N100.

OnePlus has also been investing quite heavily in 5G the past few years, so the Nord SE is pretty much guaranteed to keep 5G as well.

Beyond that there’s not much else to say about the Nord SE, other than the fact that it probably won’t arrive before the launch of the OnePlus 9, which is currently rumored for an early March launch. Plus, like the original Nord, this phone seems to be exclusive to the EU and India. In other words the U.S. misses out on another Nord, though its exclusion may suggest the possibility of an upgraded Nord N10 later on in the year.

Pricing is still unknown, though as an upgraded version of the original Nord, which started at £379 ($501) in the U.K., our guess is that the Nord SE will stick to a similar price. It should cost less than £400 ($529) for the cheapest model at any rate, otherwise you’re straying away from what the Nord range is supposed to be.

We’ll bring you more on the OnePlus Nord SE as we hear it.

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