OnePlus is fixing the worst thing about the OnePlus Watch

OnePlus Watch
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After years of speculation and rumors, OnePlus finally released its first smartwatch, the aptly named OnePlus Watch. While we here at Tom's Guide really liked the wearable in our OnePlus Watch review, other outlets found it less than impressive. 

No product is perfect, but OnePlus has already started addressing some of the watch's faults. In a future update, it will receive an always-on display option and a 12-hour watch face, two smartwatch staples that were somehow lacking at launch.

The lack of an always-on display is particularly annoying, as you shouldn't have to flick your wrist upwards to see the time. 

OnePlus announced its update intentions in a community post over on its official forums. While the always-on display and 12-hour watch face aren't coming just yet, the OnePlus Watch will receive some bug and stability fixes, GPS and heart rate monitoring improvements, and some other stuff in the coming days.

The company did not specify when the Watch will get the always-on display and the 12-hour watch face, just that they're coming in a future OTA update. These forthcoming updates will also enable all 110 workout modes, the AI watch face, and add support for German, Italian, Spanish, and Polish.

In our OnePlus Watch review, staff writer Kate Kozuch said that she liked the responsiveness and user-friendliness of the RTOS (which the OnePlus Watch uses instead of Wear OS). Her experience with the battery life also impressed her, easily making the two-week mark that OnePlus has promised. 

However, the lack of iPhone support and the missing key features hold the OnePlus Watch back. That said, the company is obviously planning to address some of these weaknesses with future updates.

Even with these shortcomings, the OnePlus Watch is an admirable first attempt. It's sleek, user-friendly and its battery life crushes anything from the Wear OS, Tizen, or watchOS families. 

In our experience with OnePlus phones, the Chinese firm usually does a decent job at listening to community and journalistic feedback. Here's to hoping that continues with the OnePlus Watch's lifespan.

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