The Best of NYCC 2019

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The Tom’s Guide crew navigated the showfloor of New York Comic Con 2019 to bring you the latest highlights in tech, gaming and entertainment.

We've seen quite a few things, including playing as a bonafide zombie killer in a Walking Dead VR game, and none other than Ms. Marvel herself in Marvel's latest Avengers game. 

Here is the best of New York Comic Con 2019.

Ms. Marvel joins Marvel's Avengers

One of the best things I’ve seen so far at New York Comic Con was Ms. Marvel in the new Avengers Game.

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I not only got to see her, but I got to play her as well. Stretch your way into the Avengers with a Pakistani American Muslim girl from New Jersey also known as Kamala Khan. My favorite moment from the demo was using my hero ability, Embiggen, to bring myself up to size to a mech and kick the ever loving poop out of it with my elongated hands and feet. Ms. Marvel is an awesome new addition to Marvel’s Avengers, and I’m especially happy to see that she’s actually the main protagonist. — Rami Tabari

All Elite Wrestling storms NYCC

All Elite Wrestling, the new promotion that just did pretty good numbers for its debut on the TNT network (yes, the Turner network is showing wrasslin' again), had a pretty fun Comic-Con panel. Check out footage of Maxwell Jacob Friedman going undercover to set Chris Jericho up for a surprise appearance from Cody Rhodes.

Also, I got to sit down with Jon Moxley (fka Dean Ambrose) to hear a little bit about his thoughts regarding the first man to defeat him in New Japan Pro Wrestling: Toru Yano. And, yes, he said Horror, like a movie, not something else. -- Henry T. Casey

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners VR

Going into this, I was like, "a Walking Dead game? Seriously?" But wow, was I impressed by how deep Skydance Interactive went into the gameplay mechanics in order to make this a fun, anxiety-inducing zombie VR game.

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Walkers are plenty, and you have an RPG-sized backpack to filled with weapons, food, bandages and crafting materials to combat the horde. The game prides itself on being relatively realistic, so you need to hold the guns as if they were real, and all of your actions (like killing people) have consequences. We’re incredibly excited to dive into this 15-hour long adventure when it launches on January 23 2020. — Rami Tabari

Rajang in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne 

I like to consider myself relatively good at Monster Hunter, but wow, I felt like a complete noob fighting Rajang with a full group of players.  

It's like Capcom stole Sonic the Bull from one of Sega's experiment warehouses, pumped him with a boat load of steroids and let him loose on the New World. He can charge at you, grab you and leap furiously into the air with your ragdolled body. He even tucks and rolls into the air and targets you like Sonic too. Ironically, Rajang is one of the smaller monsters in the game, but he's fierce as all hell. I mean, the monster can literally fire a beam of electricity out of his mouth that'll one-shot you. Needless to say, our group did not come out victorious. I'd say that I'm excited to fight Rajang when he comes to Iceborne on October 10, but I'd be lying. — Rami Tabari 

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot 

I've grown tired and weary over the endless Dragon Ball Z arena fighters out there, and seeing the Kakarot trailer did not inspire confidence. However, playing Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot has sparked some semblance of hope.

From the fast paced mechanics to the gorgeous visual, I've never seen a 3D Dragon Ball Z game look this smooth. Not only that, but the game was pleasantly difficult. I got destroyed while fighting Raditz… literally the first person Goku fights in Dragon Ball Z. And instead of being a regular fight, it felt like a boss battle, which compliments the RPG style that the game is going for. I'm excited to see how different this game really is compared to the endless slop of arena fighters when it drops on January 16 2020. — Rami Tabari

Star Trek: Picard

star trek picard

(Image credit: Marshall Honorof/Tom's Guide)

The two back-to-back Star Trek Universe panels taught us a lot about the upcoming Season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery. But it also provided a deep dive into Star Trek: Picard, which finally has a release date: January 23, 2020. We also learned that a number of old friends will be showing up to join the adventure: Will Riker, Deanna Troi, Seven of Nine and even Data (at least in dream sequences). The show looks like a big adventure with an affable ensemble cast, just like Star Trek: The Next Generation. But this time around, Capt. Picard also has an adorable dog — named "Number One," of course. - Marshall Honorof

Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary

The Thermians, out of costume

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The sci-fi comedy Galaxy Quest is more than just a satirical take on shows like Star Trek, and Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary proves it. The film shows how Galaxy Quest isn't just a love letter to classic genre TV, but it also treats fandom in general with more love and respect than it was used to. 

Learn the hidden stories about what could have been — Harold Ramis was originally signed onto direct it — to start thinking about how many ways this could have gone wrong. Also, discover how the success of Rugrats: The Movie almost torpedoed the entire film, and the amazing phrase Alan Rickman said after observing Tim Allen's best acting. -- Henry T. Casey

That's a wrap on NYCC 2019. If you were there, you might've seen some interesting panels for IPs like The Walking Dead, Snowpiercer and Star Trek Universe.

We're super excited to get our hands-on all of the games we played and see how they live up to their demos at NYCC 2019. Stay tuned to see our full reviews and further impressions of everything we saw at NYCC 2019.

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