New PS5 controller leaked by retailer — and it comes with a huge upgrade

PS5 DualSense controller
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Best Buy appears to have inadvertently leaked a new version of the DualSense controller, and this V2 model may fix the most commonly complained about problem with the original PS5 pad. 

This week a listing page for a “PlayStation 5 V2 DualSense Wireless Controller - White” has been discovered on Best Buy Canada with the price set at CAN$89. 

That’s the same price a regular DualSense controller retails for in The Great White North. There is no release date on the listing, and it’s currently not possible to place an order for a DualSense V2. 

At the time of writing (Thursday, January 11), the DualSense V2 listing is still live on the Best Buy Canada website, but it could be pulled at any moment as this PS5 accessory has not yet been officially confirmed by Sony

A Best Buy CA listing for the leaked DualSense V2 controller

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What's new in DualSense V2? 

From the included images it’s impossible to spot any visible differences between the DualSense V2 and the PS5 controller we’ve used for the last three years. Even the outer box appears to be identical. So, assuming this listing isn’t an error on Best Buy’s part, then it would appear the new DualSense controller doesn’t pack any cosmetic changes.

However, the product information section does give us details about what's underneath the DualSense V2's black and white plastic exterior. As you’d probably expect, the V2 model will include all the same tech as its predecessor including haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and a built-in microphone. 

The listing also claims that the DualSense V2 will include a “charging station” that “offers easy click-in charging” and promises an “exceptional 12-hour battery life, on a full charge" which "supports long gaming sessions.” The latter in particular would be a huge upgrade, as the feeble battery life of the current DualSense controller is a hot topic among PlayStation players. 

"About this Product" section from the Best Buy CA listing for a DualSense V2 controller

(Image credit: Best Buy)

You can expect to get around five to six hours of wireless use on a full charge from the current DualSense controller, and that drops to as little as four hours if you’re using the uber-premium DualSense Edge controller. 

An upgrade to around a dozen hours would be a big improvement and would ensure that gamers aren’t reaching for a USB-C charging cable quite as frequently. Plus, an included charging station would also be an appreciated extra as well.  

Is DualSense V2 real? 

As it stands, Sony has not commented on the legitimacy of this listing. While it does come from a solid source, there is always the possibility that Best Buy has made a mistake and a false listing has gone live erroneously. Until we get official word, it’s worth tempering your expectations just in case the DualSense V2 never surfaces. 

Meanwhile, various online tipsters are claiming that there will be a PlayStation State of Play event this month, and these two rumors could dovetail nicely. Perhaps, this presentation could be where a new DualSense model is showcased to the world. But there has been no confirmation of a new State of Play presentation as of yet.  

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