New MacBook Pros could face another delay — here's why that's a good thing

Video game shown on a Macbook Pro 14-inch
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Next-generation MacBook Pros may be delayed further this year, according to Digitimes’ sources. But this might be a good thing. 

Digitimes didn’t outrightly explain why a delay is on the cards, but it appears to suggest that apparent shipment and supply chain issues for the current MacBook lineup could be the culprit. If Apple is struggling to get its current range of MacBooks shipped then this is likely to have a knock-on effect on when it brings new models to the market. 

We expected to see new versions of the MacBook Pro 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro late last year. But no Apple event happened, so we’ve casually expected to see the new models pop up in the first or second quarter of 2023. Such models are to have but a minor refresh in the form of M2 versions of their Pro and Max Apple Silicon chips. 

I rather hope that this MacBook Pro refresh is not only delayed but doesn't happen at all. 

My logic is that the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips in the current high-end MacBook Pros are plenty powerful; I’ve heard no one complain about their performance and our very own Henry T. Casey uses one and has yet to fault it. So I don’t think a M2 refresh is needed, especially as the M2 chip mostly focused on efficiency rather than raw performance — that’s why I think it’s so great for the MacBook Air M2

Apple should choose innovation over iteration

Rather, I’d like to see Apple take its time and really innovate with the next wave of MacBook Pros. 

It could be smarter with ports, rework the display notch, boost screen refresh rates and find a way to ensure that the next Pro and Max chips offer a real generational shift in performance. I think waiting another year will give the current MacBook Pros more time to bed in. This could then let Apple and its developer ecosystem further work on the software side to get more out of the current M-series chips so that programs and apps are fully ready for next-gen performance.

For example, rather than seeing an M2 Pro chip, I’d like it if Apple works on boosting its Metal API so that it can extract more performance from the current crop of Apple Silicon, especially as I’m slowly finding out that my MacBook Air can make for a semi-decent gaming laptop with select titles.

Now I’m sure Apple is doing this already; it’s a trillion dollar company after all and I'm just some tech journalist. But I do hope that Cupertino avoids overly regular refreshes of its computers, given we see yearly iPhones and that has resulted in incremental updates that have me a little bored. Fingers crossed for an exciting iPhone 15 range.

If Apple wants to refresh a Mac machine, then perhaps it could look at the Mac mini and add in an M2 chip. Or rework the Mac Pro, as I’m sure people who demand high-end performance would like to see that machine get an Apple Silicon treatment, or newer Intel/AMD processors and graphics.

So if anyone at Apple is listening, take a knee and feel free to bring us new MacBook Pros next year as we’ll take innovation over iteration.

Roland Moore-Colyer

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