Mint Mobile is boosting the size of its data plans this month — what you need to know

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Mint Mobile subscribers are about to get more data in their monthly cell phone plans.

The discount carrier says that it's boosting the size of its plans starting April 14, while keeping prices at the same level. The increase applies to existing customers, who will see their monthly data allotments rise, as well as to new customers who sign up for Mint's service after April 14.

Data amounts are jumping anywhere from 25% to 50%, Mint says, with the entry-level plan jumping to 5GB from 4GB. That plan still costs $15 per month when you pay upfront for a year of service, making it one of the best cheap phone plans available.

As you may know, Mint takes a "buy in bulk" approach to its pricing, offering a low introductory rate for the first three months of service. To keep that low rate, you need to then pre-pay for a full year. Mint also offers 6- and 3-month plans at slightly higher rates.

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Mint Mobile rateOld data amountNew data amount (after April 14)
$30/monthUnlimited (35GB cap with 5GB of hotspot data)Unlimited (40GB cap with 10GB of hotspot data)

In addition to the $15 monthly plan, Mint's other tiers are increasing to 15GB and 20GB. Those plans cost $20 and $25 per month, respectively.

Mint will also tweak its unlimited data plan after April 14. You'll now be able to use 40GB of data before your speeds are slowed; previously, Mint capped its unlimited plan at 35GB. The amount of included hotspot data doubles to 10GB with this plan, which is one of the best unlimited data plans from a prepaid carrier.

Mint's data plan boost comes after it was bought by T-Mobile, which already provides the network for Mint Mobile's service. At the time, Mint said the purchase would allow it to keep rates stable, and with Mint continuing to charge the same amount for more data, that appears to be the case.

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