MacBook Pro M1X tipped for Q4 launch — and a new Mac mini

MacBook Pro M1X
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The MacBook Pro M1X was conspicuous by its absence at WWDC 2021, especially since Apple included the term in its keynote YouTube metadata. But one tipster believes that we have a long wait ahead of us, claiming that the revised laptop won’t arrive until Q4 2021.

This is the view of Dylandkt, who has been proved right in the past on predictions regarding the M1 iMac and 2021 iPad Pro, so it’s certainly worth hearing him out.

“MacBook Pro 14 and 16 are definitely coming Q4 of 2021,” he tweeted. “Either late October or early November.” When asked if this might coincide with the release of an M1X-powered iMac Pro, the leaker replied that while that wouldn’t be the case, “you can definitely expect the Mac mini” with the same M1X chipset. 

Both the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models have been predicted for some time, but it’s the latter that’s the more interesting, as the 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro currently available still uses an Intel chip, and has yet to get the upgrade to Apple Silicon. The 14-inch MacBook Pro, meanwhile, would likely replace the 13-inch version currently available, and the 2021 Mac mini could be a straight refresh of the M1 powered version that came out last winter.

Dylandkt has made other predictions about the upcoming M1X MacBook Pros which have yet to be proved one way or the other. Back in May, he predicted some of the key specs and a bold new design.

“The M1X is an extension of the M1 that will contain more Thunderbolt channels, CPU cores, GPU cores, multiple external monitor support, and greater power draw,” he claimed. “These devices will both feature a 1080p webcam, SD card reader, three Thunderbolt USB C ports, an updated MagSafe port, and an HDMI port.”

In terms of the look, the leaker stated that Apple will be using the iPad Pro for inspiration with flat edges and a reduced bezel. The words “MacBook Pro” will also finally vanish from below the screen, he reckons.

Time will tell for all these predictions, but it’s worth noting that the estimate of late October or early November puts Dylandkt at odds with another recent prediction. Last week, LeaksApplePro claimed that “at least one model” of the new MacBook Pro will arrive in week 31, which has been interpreted to mean August 2 through 8.   

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