LG unleashes 'Real 8K' TV lineup before CES 2020

LG 8K TV 2020
(Image credit: LG)

Days before tech manufacturers and media flock to Las Vegas for CES, LG has unveiled eight 8K TVs for 2020. The lineup (which doesn't include this wacky roll-down display) aims to take on Samsung in the budding 8K TV market

LG's new 8K offerings include two OLED models, which measure 77 and 88 inches, respectively. The other six sets feature LCD displays and range between 65 and 75 inches in size. 

The press release did not include information about prices or availability. It's unlikely all the new sets will cost $30,000 like the stunning LG 88-Inch Z9 8K OLED TV. But considering Samsung's 55-inch Q900R QLED 8K TV sells for a steep $2,199, we imagine these new LG TVs will still sport a premium price tag. (Although an attainable 8K model is on our CES TV wish list.)

Today's announcement perpetuates the debate between LG and Samsung surrounding the definition of an 8K TV. Though both South Korea-based companies say that an 7680 x 4320-pixel resolution constitutes an 8K display, they have different methods of measuring this premium technology. 

LG says its sets feature “Real 8K,” meaning it satisfies the Consumer Technology Association’s 8K requirements. The CTA uses a measurement called “Contrast Modulation” to consider a set's pixels.

Samsung instead uses its 8K Association certificate to legitimize its standards for 8K resolution. 

LG’s 2020 8K TVs also feature a new α (Alpha) 9 Gen 3 AI Processor that the company says optimizes picture and sound quality for all types of content through AI-based upscaling.

LG’s new 8K lineup will be on show during CES 2020. Stay tuned to our CES coverage to hear all the latest home entertainment announcements from the show floor.

Kate Kozuch

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