LEGO is making an NES console — and it looks totally awesome

Lego NES
(Image credit: VJGamer)

A Lego replica of the Nintendo Entertainment System isn't something we would have predicted — but it's coming, and we absolutely need one right now. Leaked images of the Nintendo Lego set started making the rounds today (via GamesRadar), before Lego officially confirmed the news in a tweet.

The set originally appeared on Chinese site VJGamer, which revealed the box, pieces and manuals for the upcoming set. The Lego NES non only lets you build a replica of the iconic 1983 console and its controller, but also lets you construct an old-school tube TV with a blocky game of Super Mario Bros. taking place on it.

According to the leaked images, the set will include 2,646 pieces complete with movable parts and sound effects on the TV. The brick TV will include a dial you can use to move Mario around, and the set also looks to be compatible with the Lego Super Mario toys we saw earlier this year.

Lego and Nintendo's first collaboration, Lego Super Mario, was revealed back in March. Due to release in August, these sets of buildable toys allow you to build your own Mario levels that you can actually "play" thanks to an interactive Mario figure that keeps track of things such as coins collected and enemies defeated. It all looks pretty ambitious, and could be one of the more interesting toys-to-life experiences yet.

(Image credit: VJGamer)

But its this nostalgic NES set that could end up being the must-have holiday item for old-school gamers of all ages this fall. We're eagerly awaiting new information on Lego NES, so stay tuned for more.

Michael Andronico

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