iPhone 15 release date — 2 reports reveal Apple event and when new iPhones go on sale

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We’ve already heard rumors that the September Apple Event, which will likely feature the launch of the iPhone 15 and a bunch of other products, could happen on September 13. Now a couple of reports have corroborated that, which suggests that this really is the day Apple will unveil its latest serving of products.

First up is Mark Gurman, in his latest Power On newsletter. According to his sources Apple will be holding the September Apple event on either September 12 or 13. Sources also claim that the phones will go on sale around September 22, just over a week later. Gurman notes that this means the initial wave of iPhone sales will happen right at the end of its fourth fiscal quarter — which runs until the end of September.

Sources speaking to 9to5Mac claim that phone carriers have been asking employees not to take a day off on September 13 due to a “major smartphone announcement”. This doesn’t confirm that it’s an Apple event, but it lines up with everything we know about Apple’s current plans — especially given its habit of launching iPhones in mid-September.

The site also expects that the iPhone 15 will be available from September 22, with pre-orders opening on September 15. This tracks with everything Apple has done previously. This is assuming there are no delays this year, which has happened in the past. The iPhone 14 Plus, for instance, was delayed by three weeks due to supply chain issues.

What about the rumored iPhone 15 delay?

We have heard rumors that the iPhone 15 could be delayed until October, due to issues with production and the supply chain. Some of those rumors claim that Apple has had trouble sourcing larger displays for the iPhone 15 Pro, or that there have been problems manufacturing enough periscope cameras for the iPhone 15 Pro Max

That said, analysts can’t really agree on whether the iPhone 15 series will be delayed or not. For what it’s worth, the last time new iPhones faced a major delay (back in 2020) we heard that news directly from Apple. That’s because the company had pre-warned its shareholders in a July earnings call

The fact we haven’t had a similar warning this year suggests that there may not be a delay. Especially, as Gurman pointed out, the close proximity between the rumored iPhone 15 release date and the end of Apple’s fiscal year. But that is no guarantee, and we won’t find out for sure until Apple announces availability at the Apple event.

The iPhone 15 is set to be the major star of the Apple September Event, though word is that it won’t be alone. We’re also expecting to see the Apple Watch Series 9, possibly an Apple Watch Ultra 2, and there’s also word that the iPad mini 7 could make an appearance. Though no doubt there will be plenty of leaks in the coming weeks to fill in more of the gaps in our knowledge.

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