iPhone 12 may use this new fast charger that's incredibly tiny

(Image credit: Ben Geskin/Smazizg)

According to a new report, Apple, Samsung, Oppo and other manufacturers will very soon start using new gallium nitride technology developed that cuts the size of power adapters while keeping the same wattage.

This means that Apple may adopt the tech in its new iPhone 12, iPad 2020 or MacBook Pro 2020.

As reported by Chinese IT publication Caifa News (via Gizchina), the new fast charging tech was developed by Xiaomi and it’s already in use in the new power adapter seen below, which comes with the company’s new Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. 

(Image credit: Xiaomi)

Compare that to Apple’s current power 61W brick for the MacBook Pro, which is massive by comparison. 

(Image credit: Apple)

The difference in size is obviously quite shocking. The Xiaomi 65W adapter comes with a USB-C port and it can charge its new flagship phone in just 45 minutes.

This also means that chargers that are not as powerful will get reduced to almost half their size, which will result in incredibly tiny devices. Just take a look at your current iPhone charger and imagine it cut in half.

Tiny size, big power, adaptable output

The tiny size is the result of replacing current silicon-based technology with gallium nitride (GaN). The usage of GaN tech can reportedly reduce the size of existing solutions by 48%. It uses two integrated circuits made of that metal alloy, the Nanomicro NV6115 and NV6117.

Aside from its ridiculous tiny size, another benefit of this new technology is that it senses the needs of whatever you connect to them, sending just the right amount of power that the devices demands. This means that Apple will be able to ship a single adapter that could feed anything from an AirPods case to the latest MacBook Pro 16-inch.

Apparently these chargers are already available for about $21 in China, but we will probably see them coming to the rest of the world soon).

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