iOS 16.0.2 update is out and fixes iPhone 14 Pro camera shake

iOS 16
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Update: iOS 16.1.1 tipped to launch soon to fix this major Wi-Fi bug.

iOS 16 brought several new features to iPhones, but also a few irritating bugs. Fortunately, Apple's now brought out the iOS 16.0.2 update which seems to sort out the worst problems.

The most notable fix comes for a camera shake issue that happened in some apps when using an iPhone 14 Pro. Shortly after going on sale, reports arrived from TikTok and Snapchat users who were experiencing unexpected wobbling from the phone's new 48MP main camera, apparently caused by the sensor-shift stabilization module. Fortunately, it was rumored Apple was working on a fix (via Mark Gurman) that would arrive next week, but lucky for those users, the update seems to have arrived early.

iOS 16.0.2 also does something about excessive copy/paste alerts that you may have come across when trying to copy text or other data from one app to another. While it seemed like Apple could have done this deliberately to make sure you always knew which app was sending things, it recently confirmed that this behaviour wasn't intended. Apple promised a fix was coming, and it's now here.

We now just need to hear when Apple will address the other common iPhone 14 problems that have been reported. Freezes during data transfer and issues with using iMessage and FaceTime after set-up are still irritating issues without an apparent fix. So we'll have to see if Apple brings out an iOS 16.0.3 update soon, or if the upcoming iOS 16.1 update may contain solutions to these problems.

iOS 16.1 has suffered from its own problems during the ongoing beta, including a (now fixed) bug that made iPhones misread GPS coordinates, but will also bring with it some more upgrades to the already fully-featured iOS 16. These include a new Clean Energy Charging mode, wider device compatibility for the battery percentage indicator and the long-awaited debut of Live Activities widgets, promised since iOS 16's reveal.

Note: iOS 16.0.3 is out now and fixes a few more issues with iOS 16 and some iPhone 14 specific problems. 

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