iOS 16.0.3 is out now — what's coming to your iPhone

iOS 16 logo on iPhone
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 Apple has released the newest iteration of iOS 16, with this iOS 16.0.3 update focusing on fixes for a number of early bugs found since the launch of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro.

But this is more than just a mop-up for the software running on Apple's latest phones. iOS 16.0.3 also includes a few nice changes for all iOS 16 users, meaning anyone with an iPhone 8 and later can benefit from downloading.

Chief among the iOS 16.0.3 fixes is a solution for a problem many iPhone 14 users faces with incoming calls and notifications not appearing or only appearing after a delay. The bug on the iPhone 14 causing Apple Carplay to set itself to a very low volume has also been addressed, making sure that you stay hands-free when driving. 

The final change specific to iPhone 14 and 14 Pro users involves cameras on both phones. Some have found the camera slow to start and others have seen a lengthy delay switching between camera modes. iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max users can now enjoy quick transitions between the standard 12 mp camera and the ‘mind-blowing’ new 48MP proRAW camera mode

If you have had trouble using the iOS 16 Mail app recently, you’re not alone. iOS 16 users across all compatible devices have reported problems with crashing on startup. This was linked to receiving a malformed email and has now been fixed. 

It is too early to tell if this latest update fixes another issue plaguing all users of iOS 16 devices — increased battery drain. Despite initially believing it was linked to the new haptic keyboard initially introduced in iOS 16, users who have disabled this feature have not noticed any improvement in battery life.

Many believe the next iteration of iOS, the 16.1 update, will be a significantly larger update with more fixes and changes. The iOS 16.1 beta is available already and includes a handy lock screen upgrade

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