iOS 14 leak reveals killer new iPhone feature — meet Gobi

iOS 14 widgets
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Apple’s iOS 14 has a treasure trove of new features awaiting iPhone owners, from a new home screen view for more easily finding apps and a new multitasking view to the ability to set default apps. You can also expect a new fitness app and be able to try apps without downloading them. 

And now we’re getting the full scoop on a totally new feature in iOS 14: an AR app named Gobi. As reported on by Josh Constine, the new detail comes from iOS 14 leaked files that reveal the icon from the Gobi app and a new QR code format, including a partnership with Starbucks.

Back in March, 9to5Mac reported on Apple’s new AR app for iOS 14, which would “allow users to get more information on the world around them by using an augmented reality experience.” This includes the ability to get info on products at the Apple Store through your camera’s live view, based on QR codes.

iOS 14 Gobi QR codes

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Constine’s report shows us what these new-fangled QR codes would look like, and there are examples provided for the Mac Pro, Apple Watch, the Rogue One movie and a Starbucks card “that opens the Starbucks Card sign-up flow.” The Apple Watch code, for instance, leads to a 3D rendering of the watch that you can manipulate.

However, the more interesting Gobi app integration is with Starbucks. The QR code would apparently let you sign up on the spot and take advantage of promotions based on your location.

iOS 14 Gobi app Starbucks

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This sign-up offer could include a 20% off discount, for example. It might sound odd, but Starbucks may put augmented reality pagoda towers in some of its stores to grab your attention and experience AR.

In addition, the iOS 14 code shows how you’ll be able to leverage augmented reality in Apple’s Find My app. For example, if you’re looking for an object that has one of Apple’s soon-to-launch AirTags attached to it, you would be able to hold up your iPhone and scan the room for the object.

From there, you would get audio and haptic feedback based on your proximity to the thing you’re looking for, like an AR version of “you’re getting warmer.”

iOS 14 isn't likely to arrive before the fall, though it's all but certain Apple will show off a preview of this year's iOS update during its Worldwide Developers Conference in June. That event will be online only and will get underway June 22. So we'd expect to find out more about Gobi then.

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