IKEA Symfonisk smart lamp speaker just got better — here's how

The IKEA Symfonisk smart table lamp on a shelf next to other Ikea smart home kit. The shelf and wall behind it are beige.
(Image credit: IKEA)

Ikea and Sonos have teamed up for a new version of their Symfonisk smart table lamp/speaker — and this time it will fit even more seamlessly into your home. 

This latest collaboration between the home furnishing giant and the streaming expert is an upgrade of the original Symfonisk, which launched in 2019. Designed to offer the practicality of an all-in-one smart lamp and speaker, this discreet table lamp speaker is a mere 16 x 8.5 inches, making it the ideal space-saver. 

So how does the new model compare to the original Ikea Symfonisk Table Lamp

The key difference is in its sleek design, with customers now able to swap lampshades to suit their interiors; you can choose from the wider, mesh-textured option or the cylindrical glass shade for a more modern feel. This is certainly an improvement over the original's bulbous, mushroom shape, which wasn’t to everyone's taste. Both lampshades come in either black and white color options, and are sold separately from the base.

Another notable design improvement is the absence of the circular-shaped control base that the lamp sat on. Instead, the control-panel is integrated into the lamp itself, which makes it more streamlined and aesthetically appealing. Unlike the previous Symfonisk, the new lamp also supports a wider range of light bulbs, with the addition of the E26/27 socket — so you’re not so limited when setting your mood lighting.

IKEA Symfonisk on a small table against a beige wall

(Image credit: IKEA)

The new Symfonisk also promises a more enhanced "acoustic" surround sound quality and range of streaming options via the Sonos app. Plus, it can be paired to other Sonos speakers or others in the Symfonisk range, which is handy if you wanted to set up a multiroom audio system for those movie nights. 

Like the look of it? The new Symfonisk table lamp will be available in IKEA from October 12. The Speaker Lamp Base with Wi-Fi will cost $140, while the Glass Shade and Textile Shade will cost $39 and $29 respectively. We'll be testing it soon, so check back to see how we rate it. 

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