Google Pixel Watch 2 could get temperature and stress-management hardware

Pixel Watch 2
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We know that the Google Pixel Watch 2 is going to make an appearance at the Made by Google event on October 4. We haven’t heard a lot about the smartwatch, but it’s clear from the few rumors we have seen that some big changes will be coming to the smartwatch. One of those changes could be lifted straight from the Fitbit Sense 2.

Sources speaking to 9to5Google claim that the Pixel Watch 2 will be getting the same electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor as the Fitbit Sense 2, along with a skin temperature sensor. The idea here is that the Pixel Watch 2 will allow users to manage their own stress levels and check their skin temperature in real time.

We’ve previously heard rumors that stress management could come to the watch, which is a useful upgrade. On top of this the fact you can check current and historical skin temperatures would make the Pixel Watch stand out from the Sense 2. The Fitbit only tracks temperature variation at night, and means the Pixel Watch 2 should offer a much more accurate look at how your body temperature changes throughout your day.

9to5Google mentions that this could also help track menstrual cycles, much like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and 6, but sources apparently couldn’t confirm whether this would be the case or not.

Interestingly the Pixel 8 is also assumed to be coming with a built in thermometer, which was seen in action in a leaked video. Though it currently isn’t clear whether this is deliberate, or how the two temperature sensors may interact for users with both devices.

Pixel Watch 2 could also get some key software updates

That’s not all sources told 9to5Google either. Apparently Fitbit devices will be getting a design refresh, so that the software better matches the style seen on the Pixel Watch. Apparently this involves making the heart rate “more engaging” to encourage users to reach their desired zone, while other design elements have been sized up into something more akin to Wear OS.

The Personal Safety App will also apparently get an upgrade on Pixel Watch 2, with one new feature allowing the watch to work with Car Crash Detection on Pixel phones. Sources claim that once a crash has been detected, core medical information will be displayed on your wrist for emergency responders.

Also said to be coming is full Emergency Sharing support, letting you share your location with trusted contacts — something that LTE-enabled Pixel Watch 2s can manage without a smartphone connection. The new watch is also expected to have bring the  ‘schedule a Safety check’ feature from Pixel phones, counting down to a set time when it’ll ask if you’re ok. If not, the watch will inform emergency contacts of your location — though this will require LTE and a data connection.

Finally the Pixel Watch 2 launch may also coincide with the relaunch of translation on Wear OS. Rather than having a dedicated Google Translate app, this will instead be available through Google Assistant’s interpreter mode — which is already available on phones, tablets and Nest devices.

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