Google Maps just got a killer upgrade for these Apple devices

Google Maps
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Google Maps just got two upgrades that make getting directions easier on the Apple Watch and in the Apple CarPlay dashboard. 

On Monday, Google (via CNBC) announced that it's rolling out a version of Google Maps that's more compatible with Apple Watch. Soon Apple Watch owners who use the Google Maps app will be able to see turn-by-turn directions to their destinations on their wrist. The feature will work for walking, driving, biking and public transit routes. 

Users will also be able to initiate a route through the Google Maps app for iPhone, then continue on with real time directions via the Watch version of the app.  

This synchronicity already worked for Apple's native Maps program, but Apple Watch users who favor Google Maps (yours truly included) can benefit from turn-by-turn directions. 

The same can be said for those with Apple CarPlay in their autos. Along with the Apple Watch upgrade, Google said CarPlay's split-screen option will become compatible with Google Maps. This means CarPlay users will be able to see media and other phone apps at the same time they're following routes.

Apple didn’t support third-party mapping apps on CarPlay at first, but as more car makers adopt the interface, it's opened the dashboard to the likes of Waze, and now Google Maps.

Google Maps's latest update for CarPlay is rolling out starting Monday, with the update for Apple Watch launching in coming weeks.

Kate Kozuch

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